Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Another Gorgeous, Warm Day on Pine Island!

Having heard about the weather "event" in PA yesterday, we know for certain why we come to Florida this time of year.  What is going on?????  PA hasn't had this much snow or such cold weather for a long time!  Makes Florida look better and better!

We were up by 7 this morning, made breakfast, and met Chuck and Melissa at 8:30 for our 10,000 step walk.  It was a bit overcast, so it was a great time to walk and walking with others makes the time go so quickly!

Love these painted poles.  They are hoping to do some
additional ones!

This cement pathway for walking and biking goes the entire
length of the island - 17 miles!

That is an eagle on top of this tower!

We met up with Neil and Nancy and then Ken and I talked to Slim, the country singer who is doing a benefit for kids camp tomorrow night here at the CG. We had met Slim and his wife, Barb, when we were at this CG about 3 years ago. They were next to us.  They are from West VA and such nice folks.  So, we "rekindled" our friendship and are looking forward to the benefit.  Barb will harmonize with him during the performance.  Slim asked to Ken to be the photographer for the evening.  We will have to put a sign on his hat that says "Press".  All 6 of us are planning to attend.

This is Slim and his wife, Barb!  They are quite a singing duo!
After our walk, Ken and I spent time in Waldo doing some necessary computer things - bill paying, e-mailing, blogging, etc.  Then we made phone calls to folks back home.  So nice to keep in touch.  After lunch the 6 us met at the pool - by then it was sunny and around 85 degrees, perfect to enjoy the refreshing pool.  Back to Waldo by 4:00 to shower and I got to spend some time making jewelry.  After dinner, Chuck and Melissa joined us to play games.  They wanted to learn how to play pinochle, so the lesson began. They caught on quickly.  Then we played one game of Skip Bo which the women won.  The men had won the pinochle game.  Again, we had a great time and only called it a night at 10:30.  Looking forward to going to Sanibel Island tomorrow for some bike riding and then enjoying an outdoor lunch at Captiva.

It is a large, very well maintained pool at the CG and today
it was enjoyed by lots of the campers.

Looks inviting, including the hot tub!!!

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