Monday, February 3, 2014

Not Exactly How We Planned our Day!

Monday was a rather crazy day.  We got a late start with breakfast, etc.  We did have a great time skyping with our daughter, Lanie, and Sam and Katelyn. So nice to see and talk to them!  After that, we headed off the island to find a place for Ken to get a blood test.  He is back on his blood pressure medicine, hopefully for just a few months, and the Dr. wanted to be certain it wasn't having any bad affects.  It is not easy to find a lab in a strange area.  The 1st one we went to was so crowded and seemed very unprofessional, so we went looking for another one.  We were fortunate and ended up at an Quest Diagnostics.  The only bad part - it took one hour from the time we arrived until he had the 2 minute procedure.

After that, we did alittle shopping and only got back to Waldo at 2:30.  After a quick lunch, we decided to go for a walk to get our 10,000 steps.  By now it was 83, sunny and rather humid.  Not the right time of day to exercise.  But, we are not complaining.  We love this weather.

Ken zeroed in on this Osprey!

Hard to tell,, but the Geico meets the Geico.  (Painted on
the pole and on Ken's shirt!)

One of the Palm Plantations!

There are palm plantations and cattle ranches on Pine Island.
The egrets love to be near the cattle!
After dinner, we spent the evening in Chuck and Melissa's "home" playing Skip Bo.  We played 3 games and the men won 2.  (But it was very close!)  We had so much fun and spent so much time laughing!!!  We are blessed with special friends!  Only got back to Waldo at 10:30, a late night for us, but having too much fun to stop earlier!

We are having way......... too much fun!

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