Thursday, February 20, 2014

Another Special Day in Florida!

Ken and I were up at 6:45 and got ready to go to the pancake and sausage breakfast at the CG clubhouse.  We haven't done any activity here at the CG and thought it would be a good opportunity to meet a few fellow campers. Also, the breakfast included 2 pancakes, 2 links of sausage, juice and hot tea for only $2.00.  What a deal!  We did sit with an older couple from Michigan and he was a history buff who told us some very interesting facts about his home area.  His wealth of knowledge was incredible.

After breakfast we began walking to get our 10,000 steps doing about 7500. Ken decided to wash and dry the CRV at our campsite while I vaccumed and organized the inside of Waldo.  After lunch, we rode bike to the beautiful heated pool here in the CG.  It was a very sunny, warm day with the temperature in the 80's.  We were at the pool for 1 1/2 hours and then got ready for the arrival of Lori and Eddie Paparo from Ephrata at 3:15.  We had a few snacks and a drink in Waldo and then we drove to the Casey Key Fish House for dinner.  Ken got to have another grouper sandwich!  All of us enjoyed our meals.

Entrance to the Casey Key Fish House.  Fortunately this was
the crowd when we were leaving.  We got right in when we
arrived and were able to eat outside!

A new place for Lori and Eddie to dine!

We were happy to share the evening with Lori and Eddie!

Sculling boats being loaded by the young paddlers!

So many of these boats!

We took the drive along Casey Key Road for the beautiful views of the Gulf and of the unbelievable enormous homes.  Stopped at Nokomis Beach just in time for the sunset.  Amazing how many people were on the beach!  Then we drove them through downtown Venice before returning to Waldo.  More time to chat before they headed back to their CG.  So nice to spend time with Lori and Eddie!

When the sun is about to set, the pigeons and seagulls take
off from the beach!

I always enjoy Ken's beautiful sunset photos!
We took a short walk to complete our 10,000 steps before relaxing and watching the Olympics.  It was around 70 degrees when we walked at 7:30. How nice!  Another special day in Paradise!

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