Sunday, March 16, 2014

A Great Bike Ride and Then Fun Game Time!

Sunday was such a fun day!  Ken and I were up at 7, exercised, and then took a 1/2 hour walk around the park.  Back in time to shower, make a cooked breakfast, and leave for a contemporary church service in a Presbyterian Church in the town of Eustis.  We were so happy that Chuck and Melissa went with us.  It was a very good service with many friendly members.  We were back to Waldo by 11:00. 

It was a warm, but very windy day, with 15 to 25 mph winds and temperatures in the low 80's.  We debated if we wanted to ride bike or wait till another day, but Ken thought we should just go and see what it was like at the macademed trail.  So, we packed some drinks and snacks and headed to the Sanford area by noon.  We were able to get all 4 bikes on our CRV.  We did stop in the town of Mt. Dora at the Gatehouse Gift Shop.  I had given them some of my jewelry to sell last March  before we headed back to PA.  She has the pieces on consignment and will continue to keep them.

We got to the Seminole Wikiva Bike Trail around 1:30 and it was protected enough from the wind that riding was fine!  What a beautiful trail and the amazing part was how an artist had painted portraits on some of the wooden fence sections along the ride.  They were unbelivable!  On our ride back, we saw the artist doing some work on one of the section and we were able to talk to him.  He has painted over 1/2 mile of pictures along the trail over the last 2 years.  He sort of started it as a prank, and everyone loved his work.  He says he will have to "get out of town" when they start to "wear" and look trashy!  Currently, he does touch them up and also has to cut down weeds in front of the paintings frequently, or they would not be visible from the trail.  Really adds a lot to the bike ride!  We rode out the trail about 7 1/2 miles and came to a Panera Bread - yes, lunch!!  It was delicious and we were able to sit out on the deck along the trail.  Then we rode back to the CRV - 16 1/2 miles of riding.  We stopped at Toppers for a Blizzard type ice cream concoction.  Back to Waldo by 5.

The beginning of the trail!

....and off we go over the beginning bridge!

It really was a beautiful trail!

This tunnel took you under a major highway!

Some of the paintings were pertinant to the area!

Hard to imagine that there is 1/2 mile of paintings!

They are so clear and detailed!

This one depicted Seinfeld and sayings from the show!

This is the gentleman responsible for all the paintings!
Just got back from the ride and we are already


Because of the ice cream treat, we weren't in a hurry for dinner, so we headed to the shuffleboard courts and got in 2 games.  The men won the 1st and we globbered them the 2nd.  Lots of good laughs and bullying!

My goal was to give Chuck a 10 Off
every turn, and I did it fairly often!  I
loved the challenge!

One way to take your dog for a walk!

Consoling the losing team member!

Then we spent in alittle time in our RV's and got together at 8 to continue the game playing.  Tonight it was 2 games of Skip-Bo and 1 game of Pinochle.  The men only won 1 out of 3.  (It was time for the women to be victorious).  Looking forward to the tie breaking shuffleboard game and Skip-Bo match.  We got back to Waldo at 11:15 and went right to bed.  I think we lost some weight today just from all the laughter! 

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