Saturday, March 15, 2014

Enjoyed Our Day at Southern Palms

They have a garage sale at the CG today from 8 to 1, so Ken and I decided to try to sell my jewelry in front of Waldo.  We were up at 6:30, did our exercises, made a cooked breakfast and were still set-up by 8:00.  It was only 52 degrees - a bit chilly, but warmed up quickly when the sun came up.  We didn't expect to have many sales, but anything was better than nothing, so we were pleased to sell $70.00.  We were rather jealous when Chuck and Melissa left to get their walking steps and we couldn't go along.  When they returned the 4 of us sat outside just chatting. We enjoyed watching a squirrel "steal" an orange from a fellow campers outside hanging basket and watching a woodpecker doing his job on a pole!  We also met some very nice fellow campers while sitting in front of Waldo.

The squirrel was very busy peeling his orange!

Aren't woodpecker colorful??

We cleaned up by 12:15 and went inside for lunch.  The 4 of us met at 1:15 to play shuffleboard, but the courts were full, so we played Bocce instead. Again, it was the men vs. the women, and they were victorious both games.  They were very close, especially the last one.  Back to our RV's by 3:15 and all of us took a nap.  I started with either a cold or sinus issues last evening and didn't feel the greatest today.  Just sort of out of it!!!  But, the Vick'ed Puffs seem to be helping!!!! 

They have 4 very nice Bocce courts at this CG!

I talked with Nancy Savage around 4:30 and they spent 2 nights at Jekyll Island, leaving tomorrow to start heading north to PA.  Loving their time in Florida and Jekyll.  We packed our dinner (salads) and the 4 of us drove to the Eustis Lake Walk right in the downtown area.  It was a beautiful place to walk right along Lake Eustis and we were able to see many different birds, plus turtles and even an alligator. Eustis spent quite a bit of money making this walkway.   After the walk, we sat at a picnic table in the park to eat our dinner and finished just in time to enjoy the beautiful sunset out over the water.  It was gorgeous!  Then Ken and Melissa also got some photos of the full moon.  From there we headed to McDonald's for a hot fudge sundae. (I really wanted a Shamrock Shake, but a medium one has 650 calories!  Imagine that!  A hot fudge sundae only has about 280, so the choice was rather simple.)  I still might have to go back for a Shamrock Shake before they are gone, calories or no calories!

The beginning of the Eustis Lake Walk!

This is about a 4 lb. catfish!

Lots of Ibis in the trees!

Need to look up the name of this bird!

Boats can dock here free and the boaters go into town
for dinner!

Metal sculptor of a heron in the park!

The anhingas are drying their wings!

A unique metal sculptor!

Ken loves seeing and photographing
the bald eagles!

Ken was so happy to find 1 alligator, even if he was
fairly small!

What a nice setting for eating dinner!  So close
to sunset!

Ken's famous sunset photos!

The sun sets and here comes the full moon at Eustis!

Back to Waldo by 8:15 for more game playing in Waldo!  2 more games of Pinochle with each of us winning a game.  It was so much fun.  Called it a 
night around 10:15.  Another great day with Melissa and Chuck!

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