Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Last Day at Winter Quarters Manatee!

Ken and I only got out of bed around 8 and did our exercises.  We both showered and then had a light breakfast.  Talked to our daughter, Lanie, and things are going well for them, except for her head cold!  Ken is fighting the same thing.

Then it was time to get to the "work" of the day - laundry.  This is the 1st time we have done it since arriving here 2 weeks ago - it was time and we had PLENTY!  But this CG has a very nice laundry and in 1 1/2 hours I was done.  We did take a walk around the park while it was washing and then I read while it dried.  Ken went back to Waldo to empty the tanks and disconnect the sewer for our departure tomorrow.

This is the CG office where the laundry is located!

We will be heading to Eustis in the morning to spend another week with Chuck and Melissa.  We are so excited to have the opportunity to spend time with them.  We always have a blast!!!!

Today is rather windy, but warm.  They mentioned the possibility of showers, but we saw sun off and on!  We did have some showers, one time rather heavy, but mostly it was a sunny day!

After lunch, I started to work on some jewelry while Ken did some necessary bill checking on his I-Pad.  Then we continue to do some walking around the CG to get our 10,000 steps.  (We had several days where we didn't do so well with our steps.)  We stopped to play some shuffleboard, but the game ended when Ken tried a power shot and the disc spinning like a wheel off the court and into the lake.  We were able to get a rake from an Encore worker, but we were not successful in finding the disc.  The Encore gentleman said they may find it when the water clears.  So, I won the game by default!

Can't believe the disc went in the water from this side of the court!

Ken insisted on doing dishes and making us large salads for dinner while I continued making earrings.  After dinner he walked over to the clubhouse to get some photos of the sunset.  When he got back he was so excited.  Not only was it a great sunset, but he saw his roseate spoonbill again.  They are so hard to locate and he has seen them 2 nights right here at the CG.  He is in all his glory!!!!!

What a beautiful evening!

You have to love the palm trees with the sun!

What is it about the roseate spoonbill that is so
captivating??  Is it the color or that crazy flat bill???

This Ken is getting to be quite the photographer!!
I love this photo!

That is the large clubhouse in the distance!

Here comes the moon!

We watched American Idol and then I enjoyed Nashville.  Tomorrow we are on our way to our last stop here in Florida - Eustis.  How can these 9 weeks here in Florida be coming to an end??  We have had way tooooo much fun!


  1. What a pretty bird.
    I bet you are sad about leaving Florida and glad at the same time.

  2. Ken is a great photographer! The roseate spoonbills are in the Mellinger's development. I know you love being in Florida but we will certainly be excited to see you again & check out Waldo. (Doloris)