Sunday, March 2, 2014

Another Day Spent at a Craft Show

Ken and I were up by 6:15 to get ready to go to the 2nd day of our craft show at Mixon Fruit Farms.  It was a warmer, sunny day with plenty of sunshine. We were there by 8 and ready to start selling by 9.  We were expecting a busy day after such a good day yesterday.  We figured it would be a slow start because of it being a Sunday morning, but turns out the day was quite a bit slower than yesterday from the beginning to the end.  We only did about half of the sales that we had yesterday.  A bit disappointing, but still was a great show when you added the 2 days together.  We just got spoiled yesterday! We did enjoy watching the Wallenda shows again.  They are just amazing, but almost frightening to watch.

We were cleaned up, loaded and on our way back to the CG by 5:40.  We unloaded the CRV and put most of the items in their proper place inside Waldo.  Ken will rearrange the basement tomorrow to put some of the larger things out of view.  

We left at 6:30 to celebrate making it through these last 2 days by enjoying a delicious dinner again at Sonny's - pulled pork sandwich here we come!  I believe it really does melt in your mouth!  Back to Waldo by 7:30 to relax, watch some TV, and I checked out interesting projects on Pinterest.  It really is an amazing website with so many incredible ideas.

We went to bed around 9:45 tired but happy!  Looking forward to relaxing on the beach tomorrow.

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