Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Our Last Full Day in Florida!

Well, can you see the tears beginning????  Our final day in Florida for the winter of 2014 and what an amazing adventure is has been!  We are so blessed to have had these 9 weeks here and to spend it with so many special friends.

We were up by 7:45 and met Chuck, Melissa, and Bonnie for a walk around the CG starting at 8:30.  We walked and chatted until 9:45.  Ken and I needed, not wanted, to spend some time getting ready for our departure tomorrow morning, so after showers, he worked outside and I worked inside doing the necessary preparations!  I decided it was time for a thoroughly cleaning inside.  You know your "home" is the right size when you plug in the vaccum cleaner and can sweep all the floors and never have to move the plug - perfect!  At 11, Ken and I drove to Wal-Mart to get some groceries, stopped by an orchard to get fruit to take home, and then got me a shamrock shake - Yes!!!!  They are even better when you have them put a small amount of chocolate shake on the bottom and then fill with the minty shamrock shake - YUM!!!

After a quick lunch in Waldo, the 4 of us headed to the Bocce and shuffleboard courts - Let the Games Begin!!!!!  After 2 games of Bocce, the men were in the lead!  We had a close 2nd game, but they came on so strong at the end. Then on to shuffleboard where is was a great victory for the women - 81 to 4! That score definitely required a photo!!!!  Time to say good-bye to the fun outdoor games and prepare our minds for the evening card games!

Just relaxing while waiting for our turn to "roll"!

Chuck, are you sure you measured correctly?  How is it
that your red balls are always closer???

Oh yes, the big winners, but also the 2 players with
the tape measures!!!!  A bit questionable!!!!

Bonnie and Richard came to the courts to say their good-byes
to us!  They live in NJ, but will put their home on the market
as soon as they get home and when sold, begin full-timing!

Oh, what form and concentration!  No wonder we were
 the winners!

I tried to imitate Melissa, but she has more charisma!!

This shuffleboard game was a "landslide" for the ladies!!!

So, back to Waldo and while I got dinner prepared, Ken emptied, backwashed, and disconnected the hoses.  Over to Chuck and Melissa's to start the game playing around 6:30.  It was the women's night as we won all but 1 of the games.  We had plenty of laughs, but you could tell we were a bit "mellow" knowing that this was our last evening together for at least several months and maybe not until fall.  Chuck and Melissa's daughters are both pregnant - one due in May and the other in August.  So, they will be "hanging" close to Atlanta (both of them live there) during those months and not coming too far north.  We are hoping to be able to get together before next winter - that is just tooooo long!!  We ended the evening around 10:00 knowing that we wanted to get an early start in the morning.  Chuck and Melissa are heading to Wilderness CG in Florida today (only an hour drive) for 1 week and then going to Nashville (their home area) to spend time with Melissa's mother!

I guess the fun has to end somtime!!!!!

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