Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Checked Out A Different Beach Today!

Ken and I did our exercises when we got up and then cooked breakfast.  We got ready to go to Pass A Grille, a small beach area just south of St. Petersburg Beach.  You have to go over the long and beautiful Sunshine Skyway Bridge to get there.  We had never been to this beach before and found it a rather enchanting area.  Paradise Grille was a small eatery/pub right along the beach where you could sit to eat or just enjoy a beer.  Very picturesque.

What a huge beautiful hotel!  Impressive!

Another inviting eatery!

A bird for every post!

This walkway is just back from the beach along the downtown
street.  Great views from here!
This is the front of the building.  Out back are tables and
a great view of the Gulf.  Live music too!

We are enjoying a beer sitting at the Paradise Grill while
enjoying the great view!

We both did a lot of walking in the area getting more than our 10,000 steps. We walked to the inlet area at the point and low and behold, we saw a mermaid.  That was a 1st for both of us!!!!  A good beach for finding whole, small shells, but not great for my shell jewelry.  We had a great time here and so glad we took the time to check it out.

Many walkways to get onto the beach!

This is the inlet area and this blue heron has a large fish
in his mouth!

Back to the office looking for shells!

We only left the beach at 4:30, having arrived there around 10:30.  Quite a long beach day, but so much fun!  Back to Waldo to shower and enjoy a great dinner - pork chops, grilled potatoes and of course, salad.  Looking forward to another beach day tomorrow since it is supposed to rain on Thursday and be quite abit cooler on Friday.

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