Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Another Beach Day Plus a New Adventure!

Ken and I did our exercises when we got up and then I got breakfast together. Ken packed up somethings outside because they are predicting some storms tonight and maybe tomorrow.  While he did that, I packed our lunches to take to the beach.  Ken did some bill paying on his I-Pad and we were on our way to Nokomis Beach by 10:15.  

Today was probably the nicest beach day we have had since we arrived in Florida and they had predicted a cloudy one.  Instead, there was bright sun all day, just a light breeze, and in the upper 70's.  It was great.  Ken found some sharks teeth and it was the perfect beach for finding shells for jewelry making. 3 consecutive days on the beach looking for shells and walking in the sand is not the best for my back.  I limited my walking due to my mid back pain. Reading was a good thing to do on the beach today.  

We left Nokomis Beach around 4 and drove to the next part of our adventure.  Ken has had a visit to Trader Joe's on his Bucket List for several years, and today he finally was able to erase it from his list.  If you have never experienced a visit to Trader Joe's, make sure you do it if you have the opportunity.  They carry lots of organic things, fruits, produce, breads, cheese, and a great selection of wine.  All their prices are extremely reasonable and you can buy in small quantities, making it a favorite of many RVer's.  It was a delightful experience.  

Back to Waldo by 6.  We showered and got to enjoy one of the foods we bought at Trader Joes - sweet Italian chicken sausage.  It was delicious especially with the sauteed onions and peppers and the barbeque sauce.  

Looking forward to making some jewelry this evening.

Another great day in Paradise!

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