Monday, March 10, 2014

Our Last Beach Day in Florida for This Winter!

Got up, exercised, had a good cooked breakfast, packed our lunches, and were on our way to Manasota Beach by 9:00.  Ken had done most of the prepping for breakfast last evening - I need to give credit where credit is due!!!

We stopped at Royal Coachman CG to visit with Ray and Barb, since Ray just got home from the hospital on Thursday.  We were with them last Monday and he wasn't feeling 100%.  By Thursday he was in the hospital with a severe gall bladder attack.  He had stones removed that were blocking his duct and then the following day had his gall bladder removed.  He had a few complications, but now he is doing very well.  He does have a pump in his arm where intravenous antibiotics are pumped in 3 times a day, but that will end next Monday.  Barb has 1 more chemo treatment and then she will be finished and on the road to total recovery.  It was so good to visit with them again and to see both of them doing so well.

We left there around 10:30 and headed to Manasota Beach for more shell and shark tooth hunting - another very successful day.  The sun was out most of the time so it was a nice beach day.  This is our 1st year for going to Manasota Beach and it was a great find!  It has become one of our favorites!

Another fun day on Manasota Beach, even though it
was cloudy some of the time!

We left the beach at 3:15 and got back to Waldo around 4 for showers and to change to go out to dinner with Pam and Ron Louder.  They did live in the Ephrata area (PA) and moved to Palmetto FL about 3 years ago.  She used to work in the Haunstein Agency with Ken and Kevin.  We met them at 6 on 12th St. W in Bradenton at O'Bricks Pub.  We ate at an outdoor table along the street.  We had such a nice evening and the food was excellent.  I loved my raspberry pork loin and Ken had his favorite - a grouper sandwich.

We really enjoyed our evening with Ron and Pam Louder!

A nice setting along 12th St. W in Bradenton!  Lots of
Pubs and Eateries along this area and an especially fun
place for St. Patrick's Day!

A very nice section of Bradenton.  Hard to tell but
there are lights in all the trees.  Pam says this street
is beautiful at Christmas time.
We were back to Waldo around 8:15 and watched The Voice.  I really enjoy that show and the judges!

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