Saturday, March 8, 2014

Another Special Day with Special Friends!

After exercising and showering, Ken went outside to do some clean-up while I cooked us breakfast.  A lot of the morning was spent doing necessary organizing and cleaning and then we were able to spend some time outside reading.  We took a walk around the CG and then had a light lunch.  Russ and Darlene Auker, friends of ours who used to be our neighbors in Akron,  arrived at our CG around 1.  They are now full-timers who sold their house in June and are spending their 1st winter in Florida.  It was so good to meet up with them.  After chatting, showing them Waldo, and enjoying a Happy Hour, we took them for a drive to Nokomis to see the beautiful homes and gorgeous landscaping along Casey Key Drive.  Then we ate on the deck at Pop's for dinner looking out over the water.

Our friends, Russ and Darlene at Pop's at Nokomis Beach!

After dinner we went to Nokomis beach (around 5:15) to have them experience the drum circle and the view the sunset.  While there we saw Paul and Deb from Stevens (close to our home in PA) and their friends Marie and Larry.  We see them most years at Pine Island and enjoy their friendship.  It was a fun evening, although abit cool.  Sweatshirts or windbreakers were needed.  Then an interesting think happened when we were leaving.  Ken took off his sweatshirt and put it in the back of the CRV and closed the hatch!  No good!!!! The keys for the CRV were in the pocket of the sweatshirt.  Paul and friends hung around to make sure we could get in and offered to even drive us to our CG.  Fortunately Good Sam came to the rescue!  A locksmith came and got us in and we only waited about 20 minutes once the locksmith was contacted.  Hard to imagine that this would happen to Ken.  He is so careful about keys!  I guess we are all human!!!!

Lots happening in the middle of the drum circle!

Muscle man (as Ken calls him) is always in the drum circle usually
with feathers and bowing down to the sun!

Met up with Deb and Paul Keller and their friends, Marie
and Larry.  

It was a beautiful sunset!

We got back to Waldo around 8:30 and visited till 9:30.  Then Russ and Darlene left for their hour drive back to Peace River CG at Wachula!  What a great time we had with them.  We are so blessed!

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