Monday, March 17, 2014

One of a Few Rainy Days on This Trip!

Ken and I woke around 7:30 and after looking at the local weather, we knew we would have to go for our walk quickly, or it would be raining.  So, we did our exercises, dressed, and called Chuck and Melissa to see if they wanted to go for a walk.  In 15 minutes we were on our 10,000 step walk around the CG.  We stopped by Richard and Bonnie Waltman's site to say hello.  They were fellow campers we had met at the RV-Dreams Rally in Hershey 3 1/2 years ago and we have kept in touch.  Chuck and Melissa had been at that Rally too, so even though the 4 of them don't know each other well, they recognized each other from that Rally.  We chatted for awhile, and then continued on our walk.  We were able to get in all 10,000 steps before the rains started.

As soon as we got inside Waldo, the heavy rains began.  By then we were starved, so we made breakfast, showered, and then we did some work on our computers. It was still really raining at 1:45.  Waltmans were going to come by Waldo this afternoon, but decided to wait until tomorrow - just too ugly and they are predicting some heavy winds and possible local tornadoes.  (Fortunately, that watch was lifted later in the day.) We talked to Chuck and Melissa and decided to get together for game time around 3. 

After a late lunch, Ken took a short nap and we went to Chuck and Melissa's "home" at 3:15 to start game playing. It was still pouring!! We chatted for awhile and then they shared pictures of the home they sold 2 years ago when they started full-timing in their Motorhome! It was a beautiful home on 72 acres. I can hardly imagine how they got rid of everything to begin their life on the road! It would be quite an undertaking!

We played 3 games of Sequence Dice with the woman being the winners. Then we started a game of Pinochle, but stopped after 2 hands to make our dinners. Back to their "home" by 7:15 to continue game night. We finished our game of Pinochle, then played Skip Bo, LCR, and Snitch! It was a very busy evening and we ended just about tied as far as men vs. women. A fun time was had by all!

No photos from today's adventures! It was too rainy!!! Looks like tomorrow will be partly cloudy, but no rain and in the upper 70's. Hoping to go to The Villages to ride bike, maybe walk, and have lunch at Crispers. I think Richard and Bonnie will join us! The rain certainly didn't stop these campers from having a wonderful day!

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