Friday, March 21, 2014

Where is Waldo Now! Akron, PA!!!

Ken and I got up at 6:30 at Swamp Fox CG near Florence, SC.  That is about 40 miles from the southern border of NC.  We left the CG at 7:30 and headed to the Pilot Service Center about 4 miles down Interstate 95.  Our CRV left turn signal had a burned out bulb and we needed to purchase one. Unfortunately they didn't have the right bulb.  Throughout our travels today, we tried to get a bulb, but were unsuccessful.  We decided to wait until we got home!  We made one gas stop on the way home and also got a sub from Subway while there.  We had thought we would stop somewhere in VA for the night and arrive at home around noon on Saturday.  

We drove on Interstate 95, then took 295 around Richmond, back on 95 until Fredericksburg, VA where we got on Route 17, then 66, and onto Interstate 81 near Front Royal, VA.  We originally planned to stop on the north side of Richmond, but we got to that area around 2:15 and Ken said he really wasn't ready to stop.  We realized that from that point on, there were no Campgrounds that were open due to the time of year.  So, it was stop then, or go the entire way home.  We opted to keep going, arriving at our house around 8:15.  It was a long day of driving, but it is to be in the 50's here tomorrow and Ken will be able to get Waldo winterized (the next 5 or 6 nights are supposed to be in the 20's) and I can get the laundry done!  We are happy to be home!

We didn't plan to do much unloading, but somehow that plan never works!  We unloaded almost everything and put it where it belonged.  We have to bring in our clothes tomorrow and unload a few items we have in the CRV, but that shouldn't take very long!

Ken sent a text message to our girls that said "Where is Waldo now?  He is back home in Akron".  In a minute we got a call from Jamie and a text from Lanie welcoming us home!  Tomorrow is a birthday party for Bria and Cali and everyone will be there.  We are so excited to see  them.  

We were so thankful that our house had "weathered" this winter so well.  No problems at all!  We were able to have a wonderful 9 weeks in the warm weather enjoying Waldo and so many special friends.  We are truly blessed!

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