Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Such a Special Day with Special Friends!

Ken and I only got up around 8 and we did some work on our computers after doing our exercises.  We ate a light breakfast and then Ken did some clean-up outside while I dusted and vacuumed inside.  

Ernie and Noela arrived at 11:00 and we sat outside visiting.  They took a tour of Waldo and then we got on our bikes to ride around the CG and go next door to the Bennett County Park for more riding.  It is a lovely park that covers a large area.  Back to Waldo around 12:45 and we decided to drive towards Bradenton Beach to eat at the Starfish Seafood Company on Cortez Road.

A ride around our CG - Winter Quarters Manatee!

A ride through the neighboring County Park.

Wow!  Ken the photographer did an incredible job getting
both of us between the trees and the blue heron!  

When we got to their dock, the line to order was so long and we could only imagine how long it would take to get our food.  Plus, they have very limited seating, so there was a good chance we would have to stand to eat.  We know it is a great place to eat but decided the wait was just too long.  So, we went to the Swordfish Grill which is just next door.  We have eaten there before and knew the food was good and you get to eat on the dock.  It was a very good lunch and a nice setting.

Sitting on the dock at the Swordfish Grill!

This is the view from the dock!  Those are all pelicans!

From there we drove to downtown Bradenton to do the 1 mile Riverwalk that was built about 2 years ago.  You walk right along the Manatee River and go under the bridge.  They did such a good job with this area including sand volleyball courts, a skateboard ramp area, interactive waterpark and playground, kayak launch, and interesting cement chairs.  It ends at a large marina with incredibly large yachts.  The weather was just perfect for this walk.

What a view!

The skateboard park area!  So many cement ramps!

Don't you just love this cement chaise loungers!  Noela
and I discovered they are "way down there"!!

Ken's favorite flower was along the Riverwalk - the Bird of Paradise!

The Happy Campers!

Usually you see dolphin statues.  These Manatee one
is rather unusual!

We got back to Waldo around 5:45 and enjoyed some peanuts, wine, and Ken's famous Sex on the Beach drink for Noela and me.  They left around 7 to go back to their CG about 1 hour away.  We have enjoyed our time with them so much and were sad to say our good-byes.  We hope to see them next fall or maybe have to wait until next winter here in Florida.  

After they left, Ken began packing up outside since it is supposed to rain tonight and we wanted to get in the table covers, rugs, grill, and chairs before they get wet.  We will be leaving for Eustis on Thursday morning, so this was a good time to start preparing for the move.  I talked with my mom and then put some things away inside for our departure.  Then it was time to watch The Voice, download today's photos, and post on our blog.  What a great day!

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