Thursday, March 6, 2014

Our 1st Rainy Day, So Time to Shop!!!

It was very cloudy when we got up this morning and lots of rain predicted.  So, after exercising and having omelettes for breakfast, Ken offered to take me shopping for jewelry supplies and somethings for Waldo.  He also wanted to go to the Total Wine store located at the same mall where several of the stores I wanted to check out were located.  Perfect!!!!!

He enjoyed his time at Total Wine and was extremely patient while I did my shopping.  He even came into 2 of the stores to buy some wire for me with a 40% off coupon.  What a guy!  By 2:00 we were hungry so we decided to check-out the Fire and Stone Pizza Place on Cortez Avenue, a place where Cindy and John had eaten last year when they 1st arrived.  They said the food was delicious and the service the best!  So, we decided to give it a try and were we ever glad we did.  What a place.  It was packed.  They have a soup, salad, and all you can eat pizza buffet for $7.39 and it even includes a choice of 5 sundaes to complete your meal.  Their black bean soup was so good, the salad so fresh, and the pizza was delicious.  No wonder they do such a business.  It is well worth the trip!

From there Ken said he wanted to take me to Bells, a store very similar to Kohl's.  I had told Ken earlier that they had exclusive rights to carry products designed by Leona, the artist whose gallery we attended in Matlacha several years ago to renew our wedding vows.  He wanted to see what products they carried.  I bought a shirt with one of her painted designs and Ken chose a tray and 2 wine/beer glasses that we will enjoy using in Waldo.  It brings back such fond memories of an area we love.

The shirt has some of the fisherman shacks you see
in Matlacha and Leona's usual bright colors!

The tray and glasses carry the same theme!

Only got back around 4:45 - a long shopping day!  Ken cleaned the shells and sharks teeth we found yesterday, loaded our bikes and wiped down Waldo while I did some budget work.  Tomorrow we are going to drive to Port Charlotte to meet with the Canadian folks we met in the fall here in Florida, Noella and Ernie.  We will do some bike riding, check out the CG where they are staying (Harbor Lakes), and have lunch together. Saturday Russ and Darlene Auker from the Akron area will come to our CG to visit and then we will do some touring of this area and have lunch together. Who knows, we may end up at the drum circle on Nokomis Beach!

I worked on jewelry while watching American Idol.  Ken went crazy "prepping" for breakfast and getting things ready for our bike ride tomorrow.  Another fun day!

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