Thursday, March 13, 2014

Back with Chuck and Melissa at Encore's Southern Palms in Eustis FL

So good to be with Chuck and Melissa again.  Can hardly believe a month has gone by since we both departed from Pine Island.

Ken and I left the Bradenton area around 9:15 after disconnecting Waldo and hooking up the CRV.  We are getting so much quicker at the moving process. It was about 59 degrees and very windy when we got on Route 75 to head NORTH!  What is that about????  It was Ken's 1st test for driving Waldo in strong winds, but it went well.  It was about a 3 hour drive to the CG in Eustis.  We had stayed at this CG for 2 weeks last year and enjoyed it, so decided to try it again.

Chuck and Melissa had arrived about 20 minutes before us - they had alittle less than an hour drive to get here.  We are right across from each other in the CG and immediately got together.  We ate lunch and then sat outside just "catching up" on our separate adventures for the last month.  It was now very sunny and close to 70.  We parted at 6:00 to have dinner in our RV's and then got back together at 7 to take a walk around the CG.  All of us want to work at getting our 10000 steps each day while we are here.  We went to the back of the park to check out the owl's nest that was here last year and found it. We are fairly certain the owl was up there.  We will keep checking and hopefully get a better picture that can confirm the owl's presence!

This is the owl's nest and if you look very closely, you
can see it's ears or maybe horns!  Honestly, we saw it's
head move when Ken did his "bird sounds"!

Also saw these woodstorks - they really are rather ugly!

A pretty evening.  Nice that it is lighter longer in the evenings!

A nice campground for walking!

We are so happy to be sharing our last week in Florida
with Chuck and Melissa!
Then we met in Waldo to play 5 Crowns and Skip-Bo.  Unfortunately the men won both games, but we are certain that will change as the week progresses! Called it a night around 10 with plans to walk and ride bike tomorrow. Looking forward to a great week spending time together!

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