Monday, March 3, 2014

A Beautiful Beach Day!

After doing our exercises, Ken and I went to the clubhouse to return the table we had borrowed.  Monday mornings they have coffee and donuts and then a meeting to let everyone know the activities that will be going on here in the CG in the next week or so.   We decided to stay and hear what is happening.  It is positively amazing how many things are planned by the folks in this park.  They love to keep busy!

We were back to Waldo by 9:45 and while I packed our lunches and got us fresh fruit for breakfast, Ken put the craft set-up "stuff" back in the basement of Waldo and then had to put some other things back in the CRV.  It is definitely a balancing game when trying to find a place for everything.  Won't be a problem when we get some of the extra storage bins back home and out of the car and motorhome.  

We headed out to the Holmes Beach around 11:30, stopping at the bank and at the post office.  We wanted to mail postcards to the little ones.  We decided to go to Holmes Beach which is only about 15 miles from the CG.  We never got there until 12:30, and we hadn't stopped very long.  Traffic out to the beach is just crazy.  But, it was worth the drive.  It was 75 degrees and a gorgeous sunny day.  Ken and I walked the beach but we only found 2 sharks teeth and only a few shells that will be good for jewelry.  The beaches in the Venice area spoiled us last week!

Isn't the water color beautiful?

This gentleman was fishing a caught a stingray!

I love this photo!  The water just glistens!

We left there at 4:30 stopping for a Shamrock Shake at McDonald's - so good buy way tooooo many calories.  Then Ken graciously stopped at Michaels so I could get some wire - he goes in too so we can use his cell phone for the app that gets the weekly discount.  Had to stop at Wal-Mart too - we were out of salad.  (Imagine that!)  Only back at 6:45.  

We could understand why drivers are frustrated in this area!
Made a quick supper of salad and Cafe Steamers and then it was time to watch TV and work on our computers.


  1. We had an ice storm in Houston last night. Sure wish we were somewhere

  2. Those 2 sailboat & water pictures are fantastic! Keep up the good work Clyde! (F&D)