Sunday, September 13, 2015

A Special Day with our Family and Chuck and Melissa!

Ken and I woke to 7 AM alarm and got ready to head to Hershey Preserve.  We loaded all the refrigerator and freezer food and any last minute items.  Just had cereal for breakfast (everything else was in Waldo) and had time to sit a relax before leaving at 9:50.  I followed Ken in the CRV.  It is only 35 minutes to Hershey so no need to tow the car!

When we arrived Chuck and Melissa were just ahead of us.  They had spent the last 3 days at a CG near Pine Grove, about 1 hour from here.  What a happy reunion!!!  We were able to get sites beside each other on the H Loop, which was rather amazing!  So good to be with them again.  After setting up, Ken and I went to their motorhome and we "caught up" on what each of us had been doing in our last 8 days when we were apart.  They had a great time at Niagara Falls and in the Finger Lakes.

The 4 of us left at 1:21 (Ken's time) to go to Dane and Jamie's for a birthday celebration for Ken.  Tomorrow is Ken's 65th Birthday - Yeah Medicare!  As soon as we parked, the 4 little ones came racing to the car to wish PaPa a Happy Birthday and give him the special cards they had made.  What a wonderful sight! 

Ken got a wonderful gift from the girls and Bob and Dane - a Bose portable speaker which is something we have talked about buying for quite awhile.  It will certainly be used a lot!

PaPa loved his homemade cards, the fantastic Bose Bluetooth
speaker, and the metal tree sculpture that Chuck made for us!

 It was a cool day (in the upper 60's) but a perfect day for being outdoors and playing Kubb and Kan Jam.  Ken and I were thrilled to have Chuck and Melissa meet our girls and their families.  Jamie is quite the hostess and with the help of her sister, they had delicious snacks and a wonderful dinner.  It was a perfect day for homemade chili!  We felt so blessed for the time we all had together and for the warm welcome they provided for Chuck and Melissa.

An appropriate design on Ken's Birthday Cake - Camping!

He had plenty of help to blow out the candles!

But eating it was the bet part!

PaPa loved his cards and his special gift!

Chuck looks a bit perplexed!  Maybe it is the
"language barrier". 

Ken and I played Kan Jam with Bria and Cali! 

Then the "boys" played!

I think  the young men beat the mature men most of the time....

....but the mature ones took it very seriously!

Bob and Dane were one tough team in Kubb!

After leaving Jamie and Dane's, we stopped to visit Doloris and Fred who really live just around the corner from Jamie's.  Chuck and Melissa had met them when Doloris and Fred drove to Florida for about 10 days to visit us last February.  So, it was fun for all of us to reunite.   All of us our looking forward to a week of camping together starting on Thursday at Sea Pines near Avalon.   We got back to Hershey Preserve around 10, tired, and ready for bed.  What a fantastic day.

A very Happy Birthday for 65 year old, Ken!!!!!

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