Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Hiking at Ricketts Glen State Park!

 This is a special day!  Ken begins Medicare!!!!  Wow!  Can't believe we are both at that stage of our lives, but ready or not, we are!!!!!!  Thankful to not have to pay for our individual health insurance anymore!

Ken had a restless night because of some back issues.  His back has been doing great on this trip, but after unhooking and rehooking Waldo yesterday, which required some bending over, he had a few more "twitches".  Nothing like at the beach, but still some discomfort.  But, today during our hiking it didn't bother him!

We only got up around 7:15, packed our lunches, and had a cooked breakfast. Ken did some work on his computer and talked with Highmark regarding the cancellation of his hospitalization.  He also talked to Jamie and Lanie and both families are doing well.  All the little ones are happy with their teachers and fellow classmates.  Hopefully it will be a good year for all of them.

My mother called and we had a nice chat.  All is well with her and Dad too!

At 10 AM the 4 of us drove to Ricketts Glen State Park to hike the Falls Trail. Ken and I had hiked that trail 2X's before, but it has been at least 3 or 4 years. It is such a gorgeous trail that we were thrilled to do it again. On the way I talked to my sister and John has pneumonia.   Today they were on their way to Mystic Sea Port until Thursday.  Fortunately John got medication and is tired and coughing a lot, but not feeling too bad.
One of the 1st pictures taken on the trail.  

We stopped at the Visitors Center to get maps and info and then parked at the Lake Rose Trail Head to begin the 3.2 mile hike.  It is hard to explain the beauty of this trail with the 23 waterfalls and the many boulders, rocks, and water.  In many areas you go up and down stone steps to make the descent into the area and then to hike back out. There are some very steep areas, but so worth the "trip". The peacefulness and the tranquility of the trail is amazing!

It was very level when we started our hike!

We started on the Highland Trail from the parking
lot and then continued on the Falls Trail.  Then
the scenery just kept getting better and better!

The waterfalls along this trail are breathtaking.......
.....and this is the order that we saw them along the hike!

Some man made steps and also some natural rock ones!

We took the "down" side first and there
were some steep areas!

So beautiful!

Each falls had its own special beauty!

Phenomenal rock formations!

What a flat ledge!

It is hard to take in all the wonders of nature!

They just went on and on......

......and on!

The last falls on the trail!

We completed the hike by 2:45 and drove to the beach area to enjoy our picnic lunch.  4 years ago the beach area was full of swimmers and boaters and the concession stand was so busy.  This year it was closed and no one was around! They are in the process of repairing or reinforcing the dam, so the water was very low.  Kind of sad to see it so "lifeless".

We left there and drove back to the CG arriving around 4:30.  We all spent some time on our phones and computers and then we decided to play games outside.  It was a winning night for the women in 5 Crowns, Skip-Bo and a game of Pinochle that we didn't complete.  Ray, the owner of the CG stopped by to talk and invite us to have dinner with him and his wife, Kathy, at The Barn at Eagles Mere on Thursday evening.  They are expecting 300 campers this weekend for Labor Day and want a night out of fun and relaxing before the weekend begins.  It should be a fun time.  He was returning from a local eatery where he got a take-out of peanut butter pie.  He gave it to us to enjoy, so the 4 of us "dug in" and boy was it good!

He left at 9 and by then it was dark, so we called it a day.

Ken and I watched America's Got Talent while he did the dishes and I worked on this blog.  What a guy!

What a view, but a steep descent!

We had such a good time and great exercise!

A great backdrop for a group photo!

I Love this special guy in my life and are so blessed that
we can share so many wonderful adventures together!

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  1. We really liked the Mystic Seaport. I thought it was one of the best living history museum in the counrtty.