Thursday, September 3, 2015

Our Last Full Day in the Ricketts Glen Area!

We had decided this would be a rather leisure day, so we were up by 7:30 and I had a nice chat with my friend, Jackie, back home.  We hope the 4 of us can get together during the 8 days we are in Lititz.

By 9 the 4 of us were outside enjoying our hot beverages and reminiscing about all of our adventures together.  There have been many and all are so memorable!  Around 10:30 we decided we should start getting organized for our return home tomorrow morning.  So, we spent the next 2 hours packing things on the outside and inside and loading most of it in the CRV so it will be easy to unload when we return to our apartment.  Things went well and fortunately Ken's back is feeling so much better.  He hasn't taken any off his spasm medicine for days!  Hallelujah!

Chuck and Melissa got ready for the next part of their trip - heading towards Niagara Falls, then to the Finger Lakes, eventually joining up with us again next Sunday at Hershey Preserve to visit our area and go the the Hershey RV Show. They will also get to meet our daughters and their families. Jamie is going to have a picnic at their house that Sunday to celebrate Ken's 65th birthday - WOW!

By 1:30 we met outside to do some game playing - Pinochle and Skip-Bo.  I can't remember who won, but I almost sure it was the women!!!!  We had planned to leave for Eagles Mere around 2:45, but rain was supposed to arrive around that time and we could here thunder nearby, so we kept playing.  Also, Ray and Kathy, the owners of the CG had planned to go with us to The Barn for dinner, but they got too busy and were unable to join us.  The rain "skirted" around us and we never did get rain.  We left at 4:00 and drove to Eagles Mere where we toured the museum, did a short walk around the town, and then drove around the lake. 

This old, antique clock is a landmark in Eagles Mere!

This is an amazing small town museum!

So well done!

Every year that they get enough ice on the lake, they make a
toboggan run with ice blocks they cut and it goes from the top of
the road in Eagles Mere to halfway out on the lake.  It has been going
on for decades.  This is the type toboggan that is used!
The Episcopal Church that was built near the turn of the century!

After getting a bit lost, we found The Barn around 5:30 and it was a rather interesting place.  We were told we should "belly up to the bar" and enjoy the locals and good food.  It was somewhat of a "dive", but the chicken cheese steak and the hand cut French Fries were delicious.  Ken and I shared both items, as did Chuck and Melissa, and we were very "full" when we left.  We also tried the recommended drink, a  pineapple upside down cake, and it really tasted like it and was good!

This is The Barn!

We bellied up to the bar..... !
....and enjoyed our Pineapple Upside Down Drinks.  Pretty, uh???

Back to the CG around 7 after another "detour" for an unsuccessful "bear hunt".  I must say that Ken is persistent and determined!  We suggested he put some honey behind his ears and walk around the CG at about 9:30 tonight, but he declined!

Chuck was determined to find a bear for Ken - didn't happen!!!!

We played a game of Up the River, which the women won, in Gregory's RV calling it a night around 9.  Ken had quite a stomach ache from the very hot peppers that he had put on his cheese steak.

Hard to imagine that our time with Chuck and Melissa ends tomorrow, but we are excited to continue our adventures together in about 9 days.

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