Monday, September 21, 2015

A Windy, Cool and Cloudy Day! Defintely Not a Beach Day!

Ken and I only got up at 8.  I decided to look at Facebook and respond to some friends and then place phone calls to my mother and Jamie. Unfortunately none of them answered their phones, so I left messages!

Ken did some work outside and I made us a cooked breakfast.  We ate inside, cleaned up, and then I spent time talking with Melissa about our adventure after we leave Vermont and head south.  Ken visited with Chuck, Doloris, and Fred.  

The boys decided that they had given us enough of a lead on the wins for the week and today we were going to experience quite a change in strategy and outcome.  Boy, we were scared!!!!  So, we started by playing ladder golf - 5 games to be exact!  After the women won the 1st 2, they realized it was noon, which was the time they thought things would change!!!!! Oh, boy!!!  They did win the next one, but that ended their "winning streak"!  Of course their saying, "It starts here and now" was just that, a lot of talk!!!

After some resting and chatting, it was time for a round of miniature golf.  After getting clubs and balls at the office (that took some "doing", since they are short staffed and thought we could wait till 3 when another person would be in the office - that didn't work for us!  We had to talk to the CG host who was willing to go to the office and get them for us!  What is that about????)  Again, the women were the winners, but only by one less stroke for the 9 holes.  The boys got 2 holes in 1 on the last hole, but we still won!  Of course, on the way back they were talking while walking behind us saying that they are winners when they let us win.  They win when they lose!  Happy wife, Happy Life!!!! Whatever!!!!!

We met at Martins to eat lunch together outside and then drove to the Cape May Zoo about 4 miles from the CG.  It is a wonderful FREE Zoo with so many interesting and exotic animals.  We spent about 2 hours there and really enjoyed it.  The quality of the zoo is amazing and it is so well maintained.  Who says there is nothing left that is free.  We found 2 things this trip - the Little League World Series and the Cape May Zoo - wow!

A FREE zoo that is worth going to if you are in the area!

A beautiful snowy owl!

Toucans almost looked like they are stuffed and fake!
So colorful!

Ken said he had some relatives in this zoo!

A Grey Fox!

A gorgeous blue macaw!

White tailed deer that has a genetic mutation!

The fast running jaguar!  Can go up to 70 mph!

The red tailed wallaby's were having a great time jumping
and trying to increase their population!!!!

Ken got to see an alligator and we weren't in Florida!

It is hard to tell from the picture, but the turtles were very large!

This frog looked like a blob!!!

Very colorful poison dart frogs!

Ken finally got to see a black bear!

This is a red tailed panda, but it looks more like a fox!
So interesting how the stripes on the rear end are large and
far apart, but more narrow and more of them on their legs
and face!
A beautiful snow leopard!

Many wooden bridges and walking areas in the zoo!

This female lion looked so relaxed and peaceful!

The male lion was majestic and so beautiful!

Older and younger bison!

We were back to the CG by 5 and decided because of the wind and coolness, we would eat in our RV's and meet around 7:15 to play games.  We all went to Martins RV and we played Skip-Bo (women) and then 5 Crowns which the men won.  It was a fun evening complete with Doloris' fresh made brownies and then vanilla ice cream.  What a delicious treat!

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