Saturday, September 12, 2015

Friday and Saturday in Lititz!

Friday we were up by 6:00.  Ken went for a long walk and I left to meet my Curvette gals in Ephrata for breakfast.  There were only 5 of us and we had such a good time.  I miss these ladies when I am on the road.  They are special friends and a great support group!

After breakfast I went to pick-up Ken's birthday cake and then took it to Jamie's house for our picnic on Sunday.  I stayed and enjoyed a cup of tea with Jamie and we had such a nice time chatting.  I cherish those special times with my daughters!

I was back home by 10:30 and while I was gone Ken went to get his blood taken for an upcoming Dr. appt. in October.   He had also spent a lot of time loading things in Waldo for our departure on Sunday. I had put in a load of wash before breakfast and continued the process.

At 11:30 we left for the surgical center in Lancaster for my 6 month cystoscopy. So thankful that no "prep" is needed for this procedure and I am wide awake for this 10 minute check.  Ken always goes along just for support, for I get the results immediately which is great, but also causing a little anxiety.  For some reason I was very relaxed today and rightfully so - everything was fine.  I will go back in April for the same procedure!

We made one stop on the way back home and then continued the loading process.  At 4:45 we left to meet Jackie and Dan Hagy at The Deck in Ephrata for dinner.  We had a delicious light dinner and then went back to their house to play 2 games of Skip-Bo and a game of Pinochle.  It was a fun evening with special friends.  Back home by 11:45 and we went right to bed.

Saturday morning they were predicting some heavy rain throughout the day, so instead of walking we did more loading of Waldo  The rain began about 10:15 and we were very thankful that we had done most of the loading. The rest of the day was extremely busy - cleaning up, Ken doing some work on-line, and then I cleaned and scoured the apartment.  Ken was kind and did the vacuuming.  I talked to Doloris and we are so excited to spend a week camping together near Avalon starting next Thursday.  Chuck and Melissa will be there too, so the 6 of us will have a great time.  Also had a nice chat with my mother. 

We left a 5 to go to Ken's sister and her husband for dinner.  His 2 other brothers were there to as well as Phil's wife, Sherry, and their son, Lance.  Paul's wife, Carolsue, was at the beach with her sisters and we missed her.  It was a great evening of fellowship and delicious food.  Priscilla is quite the hostess.

We were home by 11 and went to bed.  It has been a busy couple of days, but good!  Looking forward to meeting up with Melissa and Chuck at Hershey Preserve tomorrow morning and then having them meet our girls and their families when we go to Jamie's house for a picnic  in the afternoon. 

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