Sunday, September 27, 2015

Last Full Day at Lake George!

Ken and I were up by 7 and had a nice leisure m, so we headed orning.  It was only 42 degrees, so we weren't in a hurry to leave for a bike ride.  We packed lunches and gathered some snacks and by 11 we were on our way to the Warren County Bike Trail.  Ken and I had ridden part of this trail 7 years ago leaving from Battlefield Park in downtown Lake George.  

When we got there, they were having a reenactment of the Battle of Lake George, so it was very crowded and they were charging to park.  So, we found another trailhead about a mile away, parked, and started our bike ride from that location.  This is a rail trail, but different then any we have ridden before.  It had many "ups and downs" and some of them were rather steep.  After we had ridden about a half mile, Ken couldn't remember if he had locked the car.  Both boys have very sore thighs from our long hike and keep moaning and groaning, so Melissa and I rode back to the cars to discover that it WAS locked!!  Oh, Kenny!!!  Of course the ride back to meet the boys was up hill and by the time we got to them, we were huffing and puffing.  

It is a beautiful, well-maintained trail!

......and here we go!  

Chuck and Ken was this little friend going across the path
Melissa and I missed it!


This low bridge went over a highway!

These ducks were having a nice wim in the lily pads!

There is some leaf change, but not very much!

As you can see, this way a long uphill climb!

We did a total of 11 miles, and let me tell you, it wasn't an easy ride.  I was ready to be done!  We drove a few miles down the road to a small park where we ate our picnic lunch overlooking Lake George. Nice setting!  We were back at the CG by 4:15 and spent the next several hours accomplishing many things. Ken was on the computer printing compies of all our confirmqtions for campgrounds this fall and all winter. W Nice to know that everything is in order.  We also cleaned some vents and the air duct filters.  It was time!!!!!  

After dinner and clean-up we went Chuck and Melissa's for game playing and it was a victorious night for the men, winning all 3 g this eveningzames!  Maybe it was the medal that Ken wore this evening that he had gotten from the Texas Cavaliers! He and Chuck had "rubbed" it for good luck!  What is that about?????? 

We did stop playing about every 45 minutes to check out the Blood Moon.  Ken got some beautiful pictures of that special phenomenon!  By 11:30 we were in bed and ready to leave tomorrow for the next part of the Great American Leaf Tour!

This picture was taken around 8:15....

.....then about 8:45


......and the last one at 11!  It was amazing!

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  1. I think that's the same snake from Sea Pines! He gets around!
    Nice pictures of the moon, Ken!