Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Off to the Hershey RV Show!

Ken and I woke to the 6:45 alarm and not were ready to rise and shine!  But, we got ready and even had a breakfast of omelette and fresh fruit.  By 8:30 the 4 of us were on our way to the Hershey RV Show about 20 minutes from the CG.  It was a beautiful day with plenty of sunshine and not too hot!

While in line to enter the show, we realized that Cindy (my sister) and John were only back about 4 people in line.  Wow, that was good timing.  The 6 of us went right inside to the Thousand Trail booth to make our reservations for this fall and winter in Florida.  Apparently there are a lot of snowbirds heading to Florida and looking for reasonable accomodations.  We had noticed last year how much fuller the campgrounds were than the previous two years, so we knew it could be difficult to get into some of our favorites.  That proved to be true!  We had to do some revamping to our original plans, but we were able to get reservations at campgrounds that we enjoy!  Unfortunately we were limitied as to how many weeks we could get at Ramblers Rest and Harbor Lakes, two of our favorite parks.  A little frustrating at the time, but it will be just fine!

After getting all the reservations finalized, we went to see the new Winnebago Motorhomes, which had only a few minor changes from our 2014 Sightseer.  I guess it is a floor plan that works well - at least we think so!  Then we went to check out the new Entagras, which are the favorite coaches of Chuck and Melissa.  They are beautiful and offer such a wonderful floor plan for full-time RVer's.  

We left the show at 1:30 and went to the Quentin Tavern to meet Cindy, John, and Neil and Nancy Savage for lunch.  The food is very good and the fellowship was so much fun.  Darlene and Russ Auker stopped by on their way out to talk with all of us.  It is always a great time when fellow camping friends get together.

The 4 of us were back to the CG around 4 and we started prepping for our departure to Sea Pines (Avalon area) tomorrow.  Ken disconnected the sewer and water, got the bins outside organized, and loaded the bikes.  I did the needed "packing up" inside.  Tomorrow morning should be a quick "get away"!

We got together at 8 to watch all 3 hours of the Republican Presidential Debate.  3 hours - really?????  I spent a lot of that time half watching while playing Pop Words on the I-Pad.  Melissa worked on her blog, but the boys just watched and listened.  Not sure who "won", but they can certainly go on and on and sometimes not say a whole lot!!!!!!

We were in bed by 11:30 and very ready to call it a day.  It is off to Avalon in the morning to join Doloris and Fred for a week.  I will also be doing a craft show on Saturday on the boardwalk at Sea Isle City.  It will be fun!

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  1. We hope to catch up with you while you in Florida. We will be there starting October 1 until the end of Feb in Bushnell.