Thursday, September 24, 2015

Goodbye to Avalon and Hello to Lake George, NY

Ken and I were up at 6:15 and had a quick breakfast.  We finished all the necessary steps for getting ready to "hit the road".  At 7:00 the 6 of us met at Fred and Doloris' to say our good-byes.  They had actual set an alarm so they would be up before we left.  After hugs, thank yous, and wishing each other safe travels, Chuck, Melissa, Ken and I were leaving the CG by 7:30.  We told Martins they should join us on our adventure, but that bad word, WORK, just gets in the way.  I know how much they enjoy RVing and would love to be on the road with us!  Their time will come!

The drive to Lake George was on major highways which made the driving easier, but not very scenic!  Also, the tolls we paid were rather ridiculous.  We had to pay 4X's the rate for cars driving the same roads and distance.  I think it cost us about $42.00.  Wow, that is another night or 2 of camping!

While driving I talked with Lanie, Samantha, and Katelyn and also worked on my blog.  Then I sent an album of zoo animal photos to all of our granddaughters.  It was a productive time of travel.  We only stopped 2X's, once for gas and then at a rest stop.  We actually ate our lunches while driving.

The drive went very well until about the last 10 miles.  The Rand McNally GPS had us get off one exit before Goggle maps, so we followed the GPS since it is programmed for RV's.  That was a mistake.  We ended up on some back windy road that took at least 15 or 20 additional minutes and extra miles.  I had called the CG or so I thought for directions for which exit to take, but they couldn't tell me.  I do believe I had the cooperate office instead of the actual CG, but they weren't helpful at all.  Well, I guess you learn as you go.  We try to make a habit of calling the CG when we are about 20 miles away for exact directions, but I waited too long today and didn't have a chance to get the necessary information!  I will do better the next time.

We have very nice sites across from each other at Lake George Escape Resort which is an Encore Park.  It is a large CG with plenty of shade and privacy on each site.  We are looking forward to our time in this area.  The only warning we received at check-in was an information sheet on skunks and bears in the CG. They appear to be inhabitants of this park.  We shall be on the look-out and keep all food and garbage out of their sight and smell!

This area is a small loop in the CG and only the two
of us are in it.  Certain ly quiet!!!!

Chuck and Melissa are across the street from us and even though
there are lots of trees they were able to get connected to
their satelite!

Our set-up went well and Ken took the time to wash many of Waldo's windows and some of the body.  I got things in place on the inside.  The 4 of us got together at 5:45 and took a walk around some of the CG.  It is a very large park that is bordered by the Schooner River and also has many small ponds within in the campground.  It is also very family oriented with lots of activities and rentals of bikes, kayaks, and canoes.  A rather impressive place!

After dinner and clean-up, we met at their motorhome to play 3 games of Pinochole with the women winning 2.  We also watched a tape of the finals of America's Got Talent, since we weren't able to watch it Live!  I can't believe that none of us heard the results before we watched it.  The best contestant was the winner as far as all of us were concerned.

After the long travel day (about 400 miles), we were tired and at 10 we headed to Waldo for a good night's sleep.

Really excited to back at this CG.  Ken and I were here in Winnie, our Class C, about 9 years ago and thought the area was beautiful.  We will enjoy sharing our time here with Chuck and Melissa, beginning with a long hike tomorrow.

Let the Great American Leaf Tour begin!!!!!

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