Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Our Last Full Day in Avalon!

Ken and I were up by 7:15, showered, had a cooked breakfast and went over to Chuck and Melissa's to make our reservations for the rest of our Great American Leaf Tour Adventure!  We can't believe we are leaving Avalon tomorrow morning.  It has "flown by"!

So, we spent from 8:30 until 10:15 checking out the routes, agreeing on our many destinations, and then calling all the Campground to make reservations. This Melissa is amazing.  She had our entire route and stops on Goggle Maps with the mileage for each stop, the names of the possible campgrounds, and even the costs of each one.  She does so much work behind the scenes to make our travels so much easier and we certainly appreciate it!  We felt so good that all of our planning is now completed!  We will just pray that the 4 of us and all our family members will stay healthy and the motorhomes and CRV's will have not problems during this time.  We don't take anything for granted and feel truly blessed!

Back at Waldo I cut Ken's hair and we got ready to go to the beach.  We got to Avalon Beach at 12 with Chuck and Melissa joining us at 1. Fred and Doloris were there around 10:45 and had sat near the dunes at the back of the beach to be out of the wind gusts.  It was a warm, sunny day, but the winds were powerful.  After some reading, a little napping, and then eating our packed lunches, we played 2 games of Bocce.  The men won both!  We must have lost our Mojo!  Ken and I headed back to the CG at 4:20 so I could do some laundry and he could do some work ouside to get ready for tomorrow's departure!

By 6:15 all the wash was finished and put away and Ken had swept the roof and "toppers" of Waldo, unhooked the water and sewer, and had loaded up everything outside.  We had chicken, saffron couscous, and a salad for dinner. After clean-up we went to Chuck and Melissa's to play games, but not until Ken and Melissa had compared their possible travel routes for tomorrow and making sure they both where on the "same page" for tomorrows drive.  Fred and Doloris joined us around 8:30 after enjoying another lobster dinnr at Mike's Seafood. We played Skip-Bo, which the men won, and then a game of Sequence Dice that was a victory for the women.  A nice way to end game playing with each of us being a winner!  Fred and Doloris shared another round of brownies and ice cream to end the evening around 10:15.  Can't believe we are leaving this area tomorrow morning.  It has certainly been a lot of fun!

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