Friday, September 4, 2015

Back to Lititz

I got up at 6:15 and started getting ready to head home.  Ken was arose around 6:40.  We ate a light breakfast and then Ken went outside to disconnect the water, electric and cable while I did dishes and finished the preparation for leaving inside Waldo.

Chuck and Melissa had wanted to be at the dump station by 7:15 so they were getting ready to leave also.  We said our good-byes which was easier then usual since we will be meeting again at Hershey, and they left the campsite.  We followed close behind to go to the dump station too, but there was only 1 so we got to say good-bye again and then they were on their way to the Niagara Falls area.  We went out to the main road to hook-up the CRV and were on our way to Lititz by 8:00.

The drive home went well and all the roads were excellent.  We made one stop at a great gas station with plenty of room for Waldo and the car.  We arrived at our apartment at 11:30 and the unloading began.  We had packed almost everything in the CRV, so the process went very quickly.  The main thing we had to unload from Waldo was the refrigerator and freezer.  Within about 1 hour we were done unloading, everything was in its place, and I had put in the 1st load of wash.  

By then it was time for lunch and we were ready to sit down.  Ken decided to go for walk and I stayed home and put in another load of wash and worked on the blog.  The 3rd load of laundry was washing by the time he returned!  He was very tired (it was so hot and humid) that he took a nap after a cooling shower.  

After folding and putting all the wash in its place, I showered and then made salads for dinner.  We decided to make it easy and have Cafe Steamers with our salads before leaving at 6 to go to 10,000 Villages in Ephrata to meet Sam, Kathy, Fred and Doloris to hear the music of The Chestnuts, 2 members who graduated with Ken and I from high school.  Jim Spahr, another former classmate, showed up also and sat with our group.  We enjoy the music so much and it was wonderful to spend time with our special friends when we are in the area.  We had such a fun evening.  

We love listening to the easy music of The Chestnuts, especially
since we know them. The 2 on the right, Steve and Tom, have
been playing together since high school graduation!

Jim Spahr, me, Fred, Doloris, Kathy, and Sam.  A fun
loving group!
We were home by 9:15 and went to bed.  It has been a busy day!

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