Saturday, September 26, 2015

A Visit to Bolton Landing!

Ken and I were up at 7 and spent time on our computer, I-Pad, and phones. We got "caught up" on text messages, phone calls, and our e-mails.  It was a great morning for relaxing and getting some things done that we have been meaning to do for quite awhile.  I also did some cleaning of Waldo and had a long, nice conversation with my mother.

At 9:45 Ken went over to Chuck and Melissa and they talked about what we wanted to do today.  (I was on the phone with my mother!)  I joined them around 10:15 and we chatted and had a good time and then left at 11:15 to go to Bolton Landing, a village type community with interesting shoppes and a few nice outdoor eateries.  

We went into an antique shop that really got us talking about things in our past. It was a walk down "memory lane"!  We also went into several of the gift shops that had some interesting things but nothing that we thought we just had to buy!  

Quite an interesting antique shop!

The beer stein in the corner is one like Ken and I bought when we were
on our honeymoon.  It must be an antique!

Shoppes and Eateries all along the main street of Bolton Landing!

Reminds me of the Edith Anne chair on Laugh-In.
I'm showing my age again!

We took this same picture about 7 years ago.  I don't think I
will compare them.  Might not like the changes that have
taken place!

We ate lunch on the deck at The Shack, where the food was delicious and the prices very reasonable.  They will close the middle of October, but already many of the eateries have closed in this area - even McDonald's, imagine that! We did stop at Ben and Jerry's for an after lunch treat.  I enjoyed the Coconut 7 Layer Dessert!  It was yummy!

A great day for eating outdoors and we were able to see
Lake George!

This gentleman at The Shack was making fresh apple cider!

We took a walk to the other end of the village and Ken and I realized we had walked over the same bridge about 7 years ago to see the Sagamore Hotel that we had viewed from the top of Buck Mountain yesterday.  So, of course we had to walk over the bridge and tour the property.  And what a property it is! People have been enjoying this luxurious Hotel, which is nestled in the Adirondack Mountains, for over a century.  The property is so beautifully maintained and offers so many amenities.  We sat on the bar deck and enjoyed a drink while overlooking Lake George and the mountain top we had climbed yesterday. Wow, that really was a hike!!!!!

Saw this wood carving during our walk.  Then we learned that
Chuck used to do the same thing and had done one so similar
to this one, only smaller.  This Chuck is a man of many talents!

It is a stately and very picturesque Hotel!

This is a photo off the main porch in the back of the hotel
looking over Lake George! 
Going further down the walkway and taking a photo of
the back of the Hotel!

This is from our seat in the bar area.  They rent those boats and
the guests swim in this area of Lake George.  That is Buck
Mountain in the background that we hiked yesterday - all
the way to the top!  Wow!

We think this wooden boat is owned by the hotel
and shuttles the guests to local restaurants and the downtown

It is a beautiful wooden boat!

This is Buck Mountain and those are the rocks that we sat
and laid on when we were at the top!

On the way to the Hotel, we passed the gorgeous Adirondack Style home that was built by George Reis in 1917 as his summer home.  Before that his family had spent their vacations at the Sagamore Hotel, but when it burned, he bought the adjacent land and built this summer home.  He owned it until his death in 1962.  He was the owner and driver of the Lagarto, a wooden racing boat and  was the Cold Cup Racing Boat Champion in 1933, 1934, and 1935.  His boat was the fastest one in the world at 73 miles per hour.  The house was bought in 1999 and made into a gorgeous Bed and Breakfast.  What a setting for this exceptional home.

It is a magnificent stone home that needed major renovations
when it was bought in 1999 and made into a Bed and
Breakfast.  It had been vacant for 3 years!

We left Bolton Landing and stopped at Wal-Mart for some needed groceries, getting back to the CG around 5:15.  On the way back I talked to Doloris and it is still very windy and cool in Avalon - not beach weather, but they are still enjoying their getaway!  They plan on leaving around 6 AM tomorrow morning for home, trying to make sure they avoid any traffic heading into Philadelphia to see the Pope!  

 We watched the Tennessee vs. Florida football game while I downloaded photos and worked on this blog.  Ken ate a light dinner and then went for a walk around the CG.

Chuck and Melissa came over around 8 but were in a bit of mourning over Tennessee's loss to Florida.  Tennessee really should have won that game.  The men won 2 of the 3 games of Pinochle.  It was another fun evening, ending around 10.  We are planning a bike ride for tomorrow but we won't leave until 11.  It is going to be in the low 40's tonight, only getting to 60 around 11.

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  1. What beautiful pictures from yesterday and today! That hotel is gorgeous!! All of your hiking skills continue to impress me. I'm probably a bit jealous wondering if my hip will ever recover enough to do that. Oh, well, sitting on the beach works for me, too!! Keep having fun with Chuck and Melissa and be safe. Love you, Sis and Ken!!