Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Trip to Sunset Beach and Cape May

Ken and I were up by 7:45 and showered, made a cooked breakfast, and I cleaned up while he put our grill away.  We are done using it until we get to Lake George in New York.

I talked to Bria and Cali about school, the Ephrata Fair which begins tonight, and wished them a great week at school.  At 9:30 we went to Chuck and Melissa's for some fellowship and just to chat.  We planned to discuss our trip south after leaving Vermont, but we never got that far.  We also stopped and chatted with Fred and Doloris before the 6 of us left at 11:45 to drive to Sunset Beach just south of Cape May.

We had originally planned to park in Cape May and ride our bikes to Sunset Beach, but with wind gusts of over 20 mph and the road being rather unprotected from the wind, we decided we should drive to the beach.  We all enjoyed "combing" the beach looking for Cape May "diamonds", seaglass, and all the beautiful colored pebbles that are on that beach.  Then we headed to The Grille that is right on the beach for their delicious chicken cheesesteaks and onion rings with the special sunset sauce that they serve with the onion rings.  We were glad that each couple decided to share the cheesesteak and the onion rings because we all had plenty to eat.  Then we checked out the 2 gift shops and Chuck and I each got a T-Shirt.  Mine was only $4.99 and I really like it!  Quite a deal!!! 

This is all that is left showing of the cement ship, the
S. S. Atlantis!  Soon we won't be able to see it at all!!!!

Somebody put a lot of thought into this wording and Ken
really enjoyed reading it,  So, I am sharing it!

The beach here at Sunset Beach has very few, if any, shells,
but so many beautiful pebbles and the famous "Cape May
Diamonds".  Occasionally you can find some seaglass!

This is where we had lunch, The Grille!  It doesn't look like
much, but their food is very good!

The Happy Campers are all smiles!  Why not, our
bellies are full!

We left the beach around 3:15 and drove to downtown Cape May to walk around the area.  Fred and Doloris went off on their own to check out the beach.  We walked along the shop area and then up and down the streets enjoying the Victorian style old homes that are so well maintained and the many Bed and Breakfasts.  It really is charming area.  Ken and I always like to walk by the 8 sisters homes that were built around 1869.  The father decided to built each of his daughters a home but so there would be no fighting, he made all of them the same.  Some of them have been "altered" over the years, but you can still see that at one time they were all the same!  I find some of them more attractive then others just because of the choice of paint colors! 

One of the oldest hotels in Cape May!

The houses of the 8 sisters!

These 2 end ones are my favorites!  Love the colors!

Just some of the many old Victorian houses in Cape May!
I appreciate how they maintain these old properties instead
of tearing them down for new homes like they do in so
many seaside areas!

This bike had shells and pieces of seaglass glued to the frame!
I would have liked to have some of the beautiful pieces
of seaglass!

We left the area around 4:30 and stopped at the grocery store in Cape May Courthouse, getting back to the CG around 5:30.  Ken had a small salad for dinner and I chose not to eat anything - we were rather full from our delicious lunch.

The 6 of us played Skip-Bo and Up the River in Waldo with the men winning both games - what is going on?????  We all "toasted" our trip and the fun time we are having being together with the bottle of champagne that Fred and Doloris so graciously shared with us. We are so blessed to have such special people in our lives and to be able to create so many wonderful memories together.  We were in bed by 11:30 after another fun-filled day!

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