Friday, September 18, 2015

Beauiful Day on the Beach!

Ken and I were up at 7 after a good night's sleep.  Showered and had a simple breakfast.  We packed things for the beach including our lunches.  After doing dishes Ken finished loading the CRV for our craft show tomorrow at Sea Isle City.  

At 9:15 we got together with Chuck and Melissa to make reservations for the next "leg" of our trip to New York and Vermont.  We had all planned to leave for the beach at 10, but our planning was not completed, so Doloris and Fred left and we planned to meet them soon.  We finally accomplished our goal of making reservations for the 2 weeks we are in the northeast including 4 nights at Lake George, a week in Burlington VT where we will depart for 2 nights in Quebec with Ernie and Noella, and then 4 nights near White River Junction, also in Vermont.  We are excited.

We left for the beach, getting there around 11:45 - it took longer than we anticipated.  It was a gorgeous day on the beach in Avalon.  All of us took a long walk and I did one of my favorite things - looking for shell pieces for making my jewelry.  We all ate our packed lunches and then set-up Kubb on the beach.  We played 3 games and the men won 2.  Not sure what happened, but they beat us rather handily.  

What a gorgeous day!

Not very crowded at Avalon Beach!

Combing the beach for pieces of shells that will make
pendants that I can sell!
What a nice beach!

Chuck and Melissa look relaxed...

...and Fred and Doloris are getting ready for lunch!

We left the beach around 4:30 and all showered and got ready to go to Lobster Night at Mike's Dock in Sea Isle City.  You get a 1 1/4  lb. lobster with potatoes and corn on the cob plus cole slaw for $15.95 and it is a BYOB!  Not bad!!!! This girl chose to have some chicken.  We had a great time and they all enjoyed their lobster.  The only negative was the biting no seeums!  They were a problem.

Driving into Sea Isle City and the street where you find all
the seafood restaurants!

Fred and Doloris are very serious about the special
lobster night at Mike's!

We are just about there!

Waiting in a short line to be seated!

I guess we better happy and kind!

Not we smile and wait for the food to arrive!

Quite a nice fast for $15.95!

They are concentrating on their lobster "picking"!

Ken must have enjoyed it!  He was finished ahead of everyone!

Everyone was fiished eating and Chuck was savoring his last
big "chunks" of lobster!

Another beautiful evening!

On the way back to the CG, we stopped for small ice cream cones.  Ken and I had salty caramel pretzel and it was delicious.  We got to the CG and met at Fred and Doloris' Wildcat to play Skip-Bo and a nearly completed game of 5 Crowns.  It was another victories night for the women.

We called it a night at 10:15 since Ken and I have the craft show in the morning and need to be at Sea Isle City at 7:30.

This has been another great day to celebrate life.


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