Tuesday, September 15, 2015

A Special Tour the Amish Country Side!

At 8:10 Ken and I got a text from Melissa, "Do you want to go for walk?"  What is wrong with this gal????  So by 8:30 the 4 of us began our trek around the CG.  We were very thankful that Melissa got all of us up and out!  We really enjoyed the walk and the time of fellowship!

After a delicious cooked breakfast, Ken and I went over to Chuck and Melissa's RV and started discussing our plans for October when we leave Pennsylvania. From here we will be heading south to meet Melissa's mother and then over to Atlanta to meet their daughters and their families.  We are trying to decide where we will go and what we want to see on our trip south!  More on that later!

We left the CG at 12:15 and went to Masonic Homes so they could meet my mother and father. 

This is one of the many buildings and entrances to Masonic
Homes.  It is an amazing facility on over 1700 acres!  Chuck
and Melissa were extremely impressed with the size, the beautiful
gardens, and the stone buildings!

After spending some time visiting, my mother joined us and the 4 of us drove towards the Bird-in-Hand area for a tour of the Amish countryside.  My mother had been an Amish tour guide for 25 years and was excited to share her knowledge of the Amish and their lifestyle with us.  She does a great job and at 85 years old, her memory of dates, statistics, and other info is amazing. We drove around the area for about 3 hours stopping at 2 roadside stands and the Bird-in-Hand Bake Shoppe. 

Relaxing on the porch of the Bird-In-Hand Bake Shoppe!

I hope I am as "sharp" as my mother at 85!

Pumpkin harvest time!

Lots of corn is grown in Lancaster County and the fields
are gorgeous!

Nothing easy about doing farm work this way!

Bringing in the corn and the stalks to be ground and placed in
 the silos!

This is a picture from on of the roadside produce stands!

.....and lots of photos of the beautiful fields.

The fields can look like a patchwork quilt!

 Again sampling those PA Dutch Goodies was a necessity and comparing whoopie pies at 2 different stops was important.  At Eli's establishment you get the best soft pretzels and Honey Mustard in the world!  The pretzels are fresh baked and warm when you get them.  Again, Chuck and Melissa thought they didn't like soft pretzels, but one bite was all it took to change their minds!  I think they will stop there again when we pass through in mid October!  

No doubt in my mind that Eli has the
most delicious soft pretzels!

At 5 we arrived at Deinner's Restaurant for a homemade Lanc. Co. meal.  It was an all you can eat smorgesboard including Harvard beets, stuffing, corn, carrots, buttered noodles, stewed tomatoes, etc. and of course the famous Lanc. Co. ham loaf.  Chuck and Melissa had never eaten or even heard of ham loaf and they didn't think it sounded very appealing  But after one bite, they were hooked!  All of us were "stuffed" when we left the restaurant and headed back to Masonic Homes.  We were so grateful for the wonderful time we had with my mother and all the information she shared with us.

The "main meal" bar!

The dessert bar plus they have pies and soft ice cream!
There is also a large salad bar.  It is a shame you have so
few choices!!!!!

The 4 of us were back to the CG by 7:30.  We changed and then played Pinochle (women won), Skip-Bo (men won) and a half game of Pinochle which we will finish tomorrow night!  By then it was 10:00 and we were all tired.

What a very special day and the weather was absolutely perfect!!!

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