Tuesday, September 13, 2016

A Day Filled with Special Blessings and Special People!

We had so many wonderful experiences today and felt blessed.  I will tell you about them as we go through this blog!

We were up by 6:45, had a light breakfast, and then went outside to disconnect and get ready for today's drive.  That is when we met the neighboring campers - such a nice couple.  They had just come from Rocky Mountain National Park, so they gave us some good tips for our time there.  They were going to Zion and we were able to share some information about that park that would be helpful! Meeting them was our 1st blessing of the day!  It was our 1st dreary day since we left home that was cloudy, somewhat foggy, and only 47 degrees - quite a change!  It never got above 60 the entire day and we really didn't see the sun!

The drive was mostly on I-70 again, so it was a rather easy drive.  I can say that because I didn't do any of the driving!  We enjoyed seeing more of the prairie land with lots of cattle and some abandoned buildings that looked like the "old west".   We also passed some sunflower fields that will be beautiful in the next week or so!

I don't believe anyone has lived here for quite awhile!

Can you imagine how beautiful this field will be in the
near future?????

We did stop about 15 miles from the CG at Lazydays to verify our appointment for tomorrow and make sure that they had coordinated the repairs with Samantha, our service tech, at Lazydays in Florida.  Everything was in order - hallelujah!  Amy, who will be our service tech there, was very kind and ready to help however necessary - 2nd blessing!  When we left Lazydays I had an e-mail from Samantha in Tampa.  She had talked to the right people in Loveland and there is no place for us to stay at their Lazydays.  So, if they need to keep Waldo overnight, they will pay for us to stay in a hotel.  Also, we should call her with any questions or concerns for she will be available to assist us for whatever we need - wow!  Blessing #3

We arrived at Riverview CG at noon and the lady in the office was so accommodating.  We didn't know how many nights we would be staying depending what happens at Lazydays, so she suggested we just pay 1 night at a time and she would block out our site through the weekend!  Amazing - blessing 4!

This is the private bridge into the CG!

Nice sign on the outside wall of the office!

Lots of carvings throughout the CG!
We decided it was time to go out to eat since we only ate out 1X since we left home!  After doing some research and reading reviews, we both thought Mexican sounded good and the chain Chipotle on Eisenhauer Boulevard got incredible high marks on good food and amazing service.  So away we went to find the place!  Well the food was so good and service - it was beyond explanation.  When we went to pay we told the young man it was our 1st time at their chain and he said the drinks were free.  We chatted with him a little more and then he said, "no charge for your entire meal".  We must have looked shocked, for it made him really smile!  Then he brought us a card for buy one get one free that can be used at their establishment within the next month!  I am sure we will return.  Blessing #5.

We made 2 more stops and then drove to the beautiful gorge that was just about 2 miles from the CG entrance!  Even though it was somewhat foggy the gorge was magnificent.  I can't wait to see it on a sunny day. 

A little "fogged in"!

It was an amazing drive!

We took a walk around the CG and were amazed at the different ways people choose to RV.  In our short walk we saw some very interesting "RV's".

My guess is they don't own a home, they just take it with them!
Rather unique!  It really is towable!

Just a small truck pulling a small 5th wheel!

I think this one has been around the block a time or 2!

You can just go to the CG and rent
a home for  your adventure!

With the cooler weather today and because we will be heading to higher elevation tomorrow, we decided it was time to switch some of our light weight clothes for warmer ones.  So, Ken brought in the bins that are in the basement of Waldo and now we have coats and sweaters inside and the shorts and short sleeve shirts underneath Waldo.  

Ken disconnected some things outside so we will be ready to leave by 7:30 tomorrow morning to get Waldo to Lazydays.  I downloaded photos and worked on the blog.  We also watched American's Got Talent and I have no idea who the winner will be.  Almost all of them deserve to win.  They are so talented! 

After dropping off Waldo tomorrow, we plan to spend the day touring the Estes Park area and hopefully get to one of the visitors center at Rocky Mountain National Park.  We are also being positive and planning to be sleeping in Waldo tomorrow night. 

This has been quite a day!

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