Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Just One Night at Cherry Creek State Park Near Aurora, CO

Ken and I only had about a 70 mile day today to the Colorado Springs area, so we decided it was a good morning to do laundry.  The laundry at the State Park was very nice and bright, so I didn't mind spending about 1 1/4 hours there.  By 10:30 the wash was completed and Ken had disconnected and did some clean-up outside.  He also had the inside ready for "take off"!

By 11:30 we were leaving the Park and on our way to Manitou Springs just a bit west of Colorado Springs. It was a very nice drive with view of Denver and then the mountains and Pike's Peak with snow on the side of the mountain.

A far away view of the skyline of Denver!

A view of Castle Rock.  This huge rock sits high over
the town of Castle Rock!

Castle Rock up close!

Our 1st view of Pike's Peak off in the distance

We are getting closer!

Never been to Colorado Springs, so here we come!

What are the red rocks doing in the middle of the mountains!

Skyline of Colorado Springs!

Old Colorado City

We arrived at Pike's Peak Park and CG around 1:00 and what a nice CG and run by wonderful, friendly folks.  The sites are very tight, but stoned with a cement pad for the picnic table.  We can walk to downtown Manitou Springs or ride on a bike path that is right behind the CG.  We are also conveniently located to Garden of the Gods.

After checking in, setting up, and having lunch outside, both of us felt rather tired, so Ken took a nap and I downloaded photos and worked on the blog.

We decided to take a walk to the Visitor's Center where we had a wonderful, enthusiastic local lady tell us all about the area.  She was a hoot!  

We continued walking towards "town", but we really couldn't find anything that resembled a town!  We did see a few interesting stores -

All of the benches, chairs, etc. are made from skies or
snowboards.  I am not sure they are very comfortable!

They are very unique!

and stopped at a park where we tried water from one of the springs around this area.

The 7 Minute Spring runs constantly.  It one of 7
springs in the area and each one has different
mineral content and carbonation!

We saw one of the original cog railroad engines and some information about those railroads.  Not sure if we will take the cog railroad up to Pike's Peak but it is a consideration.  Time and more info will help us make the decision.

The Pikes Peak Railway is the highest rack railway in the
world and has a perfect safety record!  In 1889 the Manitou
and Pikes Peak Railway Company was founded.  The first
passenger train made it to the summit of Pikes Peak on June
30, 1891. 

After grilling dinner and eating outside, we decided to watch the movie, "The Bucket List"!  We saw it many years ago and decided it was time to see it again. It really is a good movie!  Ken and I agree that over the last decade or so we have been fulfilling many things that are on our bucket lists and we feel so blessed.  Many special adventures are happening this trip but one was definitely on Ken's bucket list - the Albuquerque Balloon Festival.  We will arrive there on October 5 and leave on the 9th which is the conclusion of the Festival.  It will be amazing!  

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