Wednesday, September 7, 2016

On to Kentucky!

Ken and I had a relaxing morning only getting up around 6:45.  We had flax pancakes for breakfast and then starting getting ready inside and out for our departure.

Ken took this photo out of the window of Waldo when we
were eating breakfast!  Love the mist and the beautiful
purple flowers!

We were on our way to Kentucky by 8 AM and it was another gorgeous day for driving, hot but sunny. 

We drove by some very scenic Kentucky horse farms....

and even a "castle like" winery, known as Castle Hill Winery (rather appropriate!).... 

This "castle" was amazing!

and a bridge that was painted with horses as well as an oil tank...

Are they repainting the letters red or yellow?  I'm not sure!!!!

During the drive I had a nice phone conversation with Melissa.  They have been in Nashville for about a month and are currently staying with her mother while their motorhome is having some maintenance repairs.  Ken and I miss having their motorhome in front of us while on this adventure.  In the spring of 2015 Chuck, Melissa, Ken and I spent about 75 days together on a western trip.  Melissa is a phenomenal navigator and following them on that entire trip made it so much simpler for us. Ken had planned the itinerary for that trip, but Melissa figured out which roads to take, where to stop for gas, etc.  So, this trip will test Ken and my abilities!

After driving 229 miles, very reasonable compared to yesterday, we arrived at Crossroads CG in Elizabethtown, Kentucky at 12:45.  It had been another beautiful drive and we were very pleased with the CG.  It is rather small with very nice, shaded, and well-maintained sites.  We were set-up very quickly and were able to eat lunch outside.  

We changed clothes and drove about 4 miles to the Elizabethtown Nature Park to hike some of the trails.  It is a beautiful area, but I was extremely frustrated how none of the trails were marked.  There was a map that showed the 3 trails, but where they started or stopped was nowhere to be found.  We walked about 1 1/2 miles but decided to try to find Freeman Lake Park Trail that ended up being just across the street.

A picture of the 3 trails, but where do they begin???

This was part of the 1 1/2 miles we hiked!

They do have a breathtaking monument in honor of the members
of the Armed Forces!

Freeman Lake is a very large one and there is a 5 mile trail that goes the whole way around the lake.  Again, numerous trails were mentioned and they even had names and their distance, but we found no markers for them on the right side of the lake where we started following the trail.  What is it with these trails in Kentucky????  It would be so nice to know where you are going.  We did enjoy the 5 mile walk around the lake but both of us were so tired when we got back to the car.  We headed right back to the CG.

Many ducks at the beginning of the lake trail!

When you get to the T at the end of the beginning path we
had to decide which way to go - right or left?  We flipped
a coin and went right.

Right now we are smiling.  This was at the beginning of the
5 mile hike.  I don't think we looked this "chipper" when we

Some of the trail was very shaded!

Craftsmanship by Abe Lincoln's father!

This was taken when we were at the 1/2 way point of our
hike.  Way in the distance is the parking lot we needed
to return to!

After dinner and clean-up, Ken went to the office to get a "box" so the cable TV service could be used in Waldo.  I was so disappointed that I couldn't watch America's Got Talent last night, so I was looking forward to seeing it tonight. Again, the talent of the contestants is amazing.  We were in bed by 10.  Neither one of us has taken such a long walk for quite awhile and we were rather achy!  

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