Sunday, September 4, 2016

Fun Times on Saturday and Sunday!

We were up by 7:30 and planned to take a walk, but there was a change of plans.  We were out the door by 8:30 to stop at the local Lititz Farmer's Market (only held from 8 to noon on Saturdays) and then on to meet John at Harvey, his motorhome, to get a bottle of tank deodorizer.  We had a nice visit since we won't be seeing each other till we return from our western trip the beginning of Dec.  

Before heading home, we stopped at the annual Heart of Lancaster Craft show at Root's Auction.  It has been held there ever Labor Day weekend for years and it is a juried show with very talented crafters.  Believe it or not all we bought was a delicious fresh peach milkshake to share! 

We returned home by 11:45 and I made 2 peach pies, one for card club and the other to take to Martins.  We loaded everything that would not be affected by heat and humidity in Waldo and then Ken took a short nap while I set-up for tomorrow's card club.

At 5:30 we picked up Fred and Doloris and had a fun time and good food at The Deck in Ephrata.  Then back to their house to play cards - Hause and Skip-Bo. We won Hause but the men beat us at Skip-Bo again.  We were back home by 11:30 after a fun evening with special friends!

Sunday we attended Church and then enjoyed breakfast with our Life Group.  It was so great to have Rick and Joyce join us.  Another bonus - she brought me another can of Chai.  I realized yesterday I only had 2 cans and because I only get about 30 cups out of each one, I would be one can short on our Western Adventure.  What would I do? Fortunately Joyce brought me another one which was a hallelujah for Ken.  It would be a tough morning for Ken if I didn't have my daily cup of chai with that boost of caffeine.  He thanks you, Joyce!

When we got back home, Ken took the CRV to be washed and vacuumed.   I prepped for card club and cleaned up the kitchen.  I also did a load of wash and got it folded and put some of it in Waldo.  

Gary and Marcia came to our apartment at 4:40 and we walked to downtown Lititz to have a 5:00 dinner at Tomato Pie.  Hagys and Reddigs met us there and we had great food on their outdoor patio.  Then back to our house for an evening of cards, snacks, and peach pie.  We had so much fun.  We must have had a good time for we only ended the evening at 11:15.

This whole weekend has been so much fun!

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