Thursday, September 8, 2016

Another Hot Day in Kentucky!

After a relaxing morning and a delicious cooked breakfast, Ken and I were on our way to Mammoth Cave National Park about 1 hour from our CG.  It was a beautiful sunny day with higher humidity and 93 degrees.  It was hot, a perfect day to tour a cave!

We arrived at the National Park at 10, or so we thought.  We didn't realize we were now in the Central Time Zone so it was only 9.  We signed up for the 10 AM Domes and Dripstones 2 hour tour of the Cave which only cost $15.00.  It would have been $30.00 but sometimes it pays to be old and have the National Parks Pass.   We had time to go to the Park Gift Shop and purchase the National Park Pin which we get everytime we are fortunate to be in a National Park.  Ken also stamped his Passport Book.  Wow, we are living large!!!!!

Mammoth Cave is named for the enormity of its "mammoth" subterranean vaults and the unparalleled extent of its passages.  It is the longest known cave system in the world with more than 400 miles surveyed to date!  We really did enjoy the cave tour which was very different from the one at Carlsbad Caverns. That one offers very large open "rooms" with many different and unique formations and the openness of the space was breathtaking.  Mammoth Cave's man-made entrance had you go down 280 metal steps via a very narrow and winding pathway which is what I expect when touring a cave! (Not the steps, but a winding and narrow path where you have to "duck" and go around protruding rocks.

After getting off the bus, you went down these stairs..... the man-made entrance and bingo, you were in the
dark cave!

The Frozen Niagara area was the highlight of the tour.  

It does look like Niagara Falls!

We walked down the stairs to this area and then back up to
where we started!  

The tour was complete and then it was back out to the hot, sunny day!
It was 53 degrees in the cave, so quite a change!

We decided to find a local eatery for lunch and stopped at Bucky Bees Barbeque in Cave City.  What a delightful place with very good food and an extremely friendly staff.  We even had a large cup of ice cream for $1.00.  Then on to Wal-Mart for a few groceries before returning to Waldo at 3:30 EST.  

Ken and I worked together to make a few more reservations for Santa Fe and Taos and the Mesa Verde area.  It always seems to take longer than anticipated!  So glad that is done!

Ken disconnected the sewer and water in preparation for tomorrow morning's early departure.  We have a lot of miles to cover to get to Columbia, Missouri!

We watched some TV and I worked on the blog.  


  1. WOW! Mammoth Cave looks AMAZING!!! Cindy & I must get to Kentucky soon & pay that site a visit. Maybe on our way back from Texas next Spring? ;-)
    Guys, have a wonderful time!

  2. You guys look great by the cave entrance sign!! The first pic inside the cave reminds me of a pipe organ. Sis, did we ever go to a cave with Mom and Dad? I kind of remember visiting one, but I must have been pretty young. Maybe it was a school trip. Anyway, looks like you're having a grand time! Continue with safe travels. Love you! Cindy