Saturday, September 24, 2016

Last Full Day in the Manitou Springs Area!

After a relaxing morning and a good cooked breakfast, Ken and I drove about 45 minutes south to Pueblo for their Chili and Frigoles Festival.  I didn't know that frigoles are pinto beans so just in case you didn't know either I thought I would share!

I had talked to Noela before we left.  They are camping on Prince Edward Island and are supposed to be there until Wednesday.  Unfortunately they are having problems with water getting into their 5th wheel when it rains heavily, so they are heading home tomorrow to get it repaired.  They are joining us at Arches National Park around October 17th and they need it "fixed" before they make the trip west!  I also talked to Jamie during our drive and she is feeling well today.  She is amazed at quickly she appears to be healing!

When we arrived we were able to park free in the downtown parking garage which was near the entrance to the festival and right at the Arkansas Riverwalk. It was a short version of the San Antonio Riverwalk. 

Lots of bronze statues along the riverwalk and most of them
were children.  

All of these children were squirting hoses at each other!

Hoping for a big catch!!

You could even take a boat ride but it would have been
a short one!

After taking that walk, we entered the downtown outdoor festival.  What a big event with craft and food vendors....

You could purchase these strings of peppers, but it appeared
that many of them had peppers that were "past their prime"!

Lots of Mexican type food! 
Cindy and Melissa would love the oreo cookie funnel cake!
So many types of potato treats!

Glass blown peppers!

and they were roasting big "cages" of peppers at numerous locations.  People waited in line to purchase the roasted peppers by the bushel, 1/2 bushel, etc. It was amazing and quite a sight to behold!  We found it fascinating. 

Throughout the festival there were probably a dozen of these
roasters and they kept refilling them.

Plenty more to roast!

People placed an order for the peppers and then waited till
they were bagged and ready!

I am not quite sure what you do with that many roasted peppers!

Free samples!

Ken only ate half of this one because it was very HOT!

We both enjoyed a roasted pepper wrap with cheese and pinto beans.  Really very tasty and just mildly hot.  

Our lunch - roasted peppers, cheese and pinto beans on a wrap!

We also found a place where you could fill a basket with different types of peppers, onions, or tomatoes for $6.00.  Couldn't pass that up!!!

I never saw so many varieties of peppers!

A great deal for $6.00!

There was live music in tented areas throughout the festival too!  Really fun to take in some of the "native culture" but it was crowded!

People, people, and more people!  Fortunately we had
gotten there fairly early!

We arrived back at the CG at 4 after a quick stop at Wal-Mart.  Ken decided to disconnect the water and sewer while I downloaded photos and worked on the blog.

After making salads for dinner, Ken decided to take one last drive through the Garden of the Gods.  I chose to stay at the CG and enjoy reading and relaxing.
He had a few photos for me to post when he returned -

Oh, that balanced rock!

Ken's last photo of Pikes Peak!

What beautiful clouds!

In Colorado marijuana is legal but it seemed strange to us to see stores where it is sold so openly -

This shop is about 2 blocks from the campground.  Note
all the cars in the parking lot.  It must be a big business!

We are going to relax by watching the movie, "Mona Lisa Smile" with Julia Roberts.  I hope both of us can stay awake!  We plan to leave tomorrow morning for Great Sand Dunes National Park by 8:30.  We shall see!!!!! More adventures to come!

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