Tuesday, September 6, 2016

The 1st Day of our 2016 Western Adventure!

Ken and I were up to a 4:15 alarm and while I got myself ready Ken unloaded the CRV and put the last minute items in Waldo.  We were leaving our apartment parking lot at 5 AM.  I followed him for about 15 minutes and then we pulled into a shopping area parking lot to hook-up the CRV for towing.  By 5:30 we were on our way to Milton, West Virginia!

It was a beautiful drive but we certain went up and down a lot of mountain areas!  Around 8 AM we pulled into a rest stop in Maryland and sat outside at a picnic table overlooking the valley and mountains enjoying our breakfast.

Not a bad view for eating breakfast!!!!

We stopped at 2 rest stops in West Virginia and 1 time to get gas and arrived at Huntington KOA at 3 PM after being on the road for 10 hours covering 437 miles.  Both of us were ready to be done driving for today!  The CG is a great overnight stop with nice level pull through sites and a well-maintained facility. After setting up (didn't take long since it is just for the night) we went for a walk around the relatively small CG.  

Finally we arrived in West Virginia!

After dinner I spent time working on this blog and Ken went through all of our photos and then I downloaded them ( a lot of them were from the family picnic yesterday!)

I did talk to Noela and Cindy during our drive.  Ernie and Noela left for a 3 week camping adventure today and Cindy and John left for a 1 week trip to Avalon Beach, New Jersey.  I also called our friend, Jackie Hagy, to sing Happy Birthday!  Texted Chuck and Melissa to tell them we missed following them today liked we did in the Spring of 2015 when we all went out west together.  How are we ever going to find our way without Melissa's navigation skills?  

We showered and were in bed by 9, hoping to be on the road again tomorrow by around 8.  We shall see!!!!!!


  1. Safe travels. Hope to catch you in Arizona.

  2. Just got caught up on your blog! Looks like you are once again having a wonderful trip! I can only imagine how much you miss Chuck and Melissa. Read a few of her blogs also, oh! Those grand baby girls! We are off to the RV show tomorrow with Bill Metheral. Last year he surprised us and Marilyn was able to come to the show. Still miss her a lot. Hoping to make a Pine Island reservation at the same time as Bill in early Febuary. He rolled his three weeks over last year when Marilyn was to ill to go to Florida. Well I better try and get a few winks before it is time to get up! Enjoy!