Tuesday, September 27, 2016

A Trip into Alamosa, CO!

Ken had a very short night for he was up at 4 AM and never did go back to sleep.  He enjoyed his quiet time, but a little more sleep would have been good!

Our new friends, Mick and Viv, were leaving for Durango this morning, so we went over when they were just about ready to depart to say our good-byes.  We all agreed that we will have to keep in touch!  Ken and I appreciate their adventuresome spirits and their positive outlook on life.  They are an inspiration!

This is Mick and Viv from York, PA

This is their camper.  Under the silver tent is their kitchen and
then the blue tent provides shelter and room for chairs.  The
sleeping part offers air and heat.  Works well for them!

Packed up and ready to head to Durango!

They had told us about a car drive they took yesterday that sounded very interesting, so we decided that would be our plan for today!  We left the CG and headed to Monte Vista National Wildlife Refuge about 45 minutes down the road. On the route we traveled we saw nothing but field after field of hay being cut and baled and lots of large irrigation systems.  We saw only 1 field with cattle and 1 of sheep, so I am not sure what they do with all that hay but it must be a profitable business in this area.

We saw stacks of hay like this everywhere on our travels

The old and the new!

This is how they load them in the fields!  The bales are
thrown from the front onto the truck!

The reason we drove to the refuge was to see the migrating sandhill cranes. This is their longest stop on their migration journey and we literally saw hundreds of them.  It was amazing!

A Sandhill Crane!

Don't they look graceful when in flight???

Coming in for a landing!

We saw all the sandhill cranes along the road.  Then we drove through the refuge and spotted a snake and these small ducks.

Not one of my favorite critters!

These ducks were so small!

From there we went to downtown Alamosa to have lunch.  We ate at the San Luis Valley Brewing Company and had the special of the day - chicken fajitas and their red roasted potatoes.  The meal was delicious.  Then we decided to ride bike on the dirt trail that left from the library and followed the Rio Grande. Really wasn't very scenic but we did get to ride about 6 1/2 miles and our bikes were glad they got to go for a ride.

Love rule #2 - dogs and pot bellied pigs must be leashed!
Also, we didn't see any mountain lions while riding!

This is the Rio Grande.  Not too large!

Love the mountains in the background!
We returned to the CG around 4 and while Ken took a short nap I did some reading.  Then it was time to get ready for tomorrow's departure.  I decided to do some laundry while Ken got organized outside. I spent time downloading photos and working on the blog.

Ken took his last pictures from the CG of the sun setting on the dunes and then the sunset.

We had such gorgeous views from our CG!

Also amazing sunsets!

Tomorrow we are on the road - destination, Durango!

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