Wednesday, September 14, 2016

A Wonderful Day with Some Frustrations!

Happy Birthday to the love of my life, my best friend, and just an overall wonderful guy!  Today Ken turned 66 and I have been a part of his birthday celebrations since we were 15 - wow!

We were up by 6:30 and on our way to Lazydays in Johnstown (about 12 miles from the CG) by 7:20.  I drove the CRV and just followed Ken to their service center.  All went well when we checked in and we were on our way to Estes Park by 9.  

The drive into Estes Park was gorgeous.

  Once in town, we stopped at the Visitor's Center -

where they were so happy to give you info and very knowledgeable.  From their parking lot there was a trail that went under the road

 and then along the riverfront. 

The Birthday Boy!

This is the walkway along the River Front!

There was a wonderful Coffee Shoppe on the 1/2 mile trail so we stopped for a fresh fruit smoothie and one of their delicious homemade cookies - hey, it was Ken's birthday!  We enjoyed sitting outside along the water eating and drinking our goodies

Then we got in the car and started the drive into Rocky Mountain National Park, another gorgeous drive! We stopped at the Falls River Visitor's Center where we got our national park pin and the sticker for our Passport book.

 It was there that we got a call from Amber, our service technician at this Lazydays.  She wanted to give us good news for Ken's birthday, but no go!!!!  They found the problem with the slide but it was not a simple fix.  It needs a new track on the side and new rollers and it will take quite a bit of labor.  Also, they will have to order the parts.  Not what we wanted to hear.  So, I placed a call to Samantha, our service tech in Tampa and she will call Amber and they will work together on this "project".  

We left the Visitor's Center and at 8,000 feet saw our 1st colorful Aspen Trees. They are gorgeous. 

 We stopped at EndoValley and ate our lunch at a picnic table near the water. 

Then we decided to take the Old Fall River Road, a 9 mile one way dirt road, to the Alpine Visitor Center.  It was a breathtaking, gorgeous drive with many "switchbacks". 

This is probably my favorite photo of the day!

This gorge area with the gorgeous aspens was breathtaking! 

How did that car get up there????  Oh, that is where we will
be when we round the next corner and continue going up!

There is still some snow in the higher elevations!

We got a little above 12,000 feet.  There was a paved road for driving back to Estes Park with more beautiful scenery.  We actually saw our 1st elk on our way down, but they were too far away to get a photo!

They put these high sticks in so they know where the building
are located during a snowstorm!

Note the 2 lakes among the mountains!

We realized it was time to keep moving if we wanted to get to Lazydays before they closed at 5.  We did get an e-mail from Samantha that she has been in contact with Amber and she will be receiving pictures of the problem and info on what needs to be done as well as an estimate for the work.  Now we just hope Samantha can get all the necessary repairs approved with them footing the bill. This slide has never been right since they put it back in after replacing the floor.

We got to Lazydays at 4:30 and Amber was gone for the day, but one of her associates gave us an update.  They are waiting to get the go ahead from Tampa.  So, we really don't know what is going to happen, when, or where!  It is a bit frustrating but we are trying to be positive about the whole process.

We were back to the CG by 5:30, set-up again, and then went out for a quick dinner.  We were both tired and I think mentally and rather emotionally drained.

Ken got numerous phone calls today - Sam and Katelyn, Lanie, Jamie, Bria and Cali, my mother, my sister, Cindy, Chuck and Melissa, and Ernie and Noela. Many of them had some great versions of "Happy Birthday". Some even had videos.  There were lots of messages on Facebook too!  Thanks to everyone who took the time to wish Ken a Happy Birthday.  

We watched the Final Night of America's Got Talent and what a great show.  So impressive!  I would have liked all of them to win but I must admit the Grace would not have been my choice!  I think she is too young to be a Las Vegas act, but what do I know!!!!!

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