Sunday, September 18, 2016

Another Great Day!

It was a gorgeous sunny day with temperatures starting at 53 degrees and getting to low 80's. 

Ken and I went to the 8:30 service at Foundations Church on Route 34 in Loveland.  What an amazing service.  Ken and I were both so inspired by the message and the music.  The minister did an incredible job with such enthusiasm, humor, but an extremely meaningful message.  They started a new series where they go through the bible in 8 weeks.  We bought the workbook for the course and plan to listen to the sermon each week and follow along in the study guide.

We drove back to the CG, changed, and loaded the car with our lunch and drinks and drove through the Big Thompson River Gorge again, which is in Roosevelt National Forest.  That drive never gets old!  

We arrived at Estes Park by 11:30, parked at the Visitor's Center, and walked to the downtown area to the juried craft show.  What a gorgeous setting for the show and the craftspeople had amazing works. 

Quite a view but also lots of traffic as we entered Estes Park!

A great place for a Craft Show!

Lots of beautiful artwork!

This picture doesn't do justice to this lady's gorgeous watercolor

It was amazing!

We walked back to the Visitor's Center and enjoyed our lunch at a picnic table by the water. Then we walked back to town to go into some of the shops.  They have many candy/ice cream stores and of course t-shirt shops.  Believe it or not, we didn't buy anything except ice cream at McDonald's before leaving Estes Park around 3:45.

Not a bad place to enjoy our lunch!

After lunch it was really crowded in the downtown area!

I never saw such large pieces of brittle in a candy shop.
They had so many varieties!
I sat behind Waldo overlooking the Big Thompson River and did some reading. Ken worked on finding campgrounds for our next 3 stops.  We have no phone service at the CG so he drove into Loveland to try to make some reservations. He was only able to make a reservation at one of our stops - it is a Sunday!  I made salads while he was gone. 

I worked on the blog, downloaded photos and watched football.  Ken continued searching online for campgrounds.  This area appears to be very busy with RVer's.  Our CG had no vacancy this weekend which is the 1st time we have seen that posted at the entrance to a CG.

This was another special day!

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