Monday, September 5, 2016

Labor Day Family Picnic!

Ken and I took a long walk around Lititz and what a beautiful morning.  It was a warm sunny day but low humidity - perfect!  When we returned I did a final load of wash before we leave tomorrow for our west trip.

Ken went to a local roadside stand for corn on the cob for the picnic and a few fruits for our trip.  I prepped the food I was taking for our family picnic at Jamie and Dane's. They had been at Dane's parents beach house from Thursday until Sunday, coming home later Sunday so they could have a picnic for our family before we leave - how sweet!

Before Ken and I left a gal visiting at our apartment building knocked on our door to tell me that she had backed into Waldo in the parking lot but she didn't see any damage!  So, I walked down with her to check (Ken wasn't home) and the only damage was to the bumper of her car.  She was so apologetic!  

Our whole family (10 of us) were at Jamie and Dane's from about 1:30 to 7 and we had such a good time.  Not only did we have delicious food(which included a piece of cake for Ken and the singing of Happy Birthday since we will be gone on his actual birthday) but we played fun games - Kubb and Can Jam!  Lulu was there too and she is doing fairly well.  She is eating, has energy, but is still having a bit of a problem with digestion.  All in all, I would say her turn around has been impressive and amazing!  After hugs and kisses, we were back home by 7:30.

I won't bore you with too many family photos, but you have to admit, we do have some of the cutest granddaughters (maybe I am just a bit prejudice!).

These are pictures of the Kubb Tournament.  Bob, Lanie, Bria, and Katelyn won the 1st game, but Ken, Jamie, Dane and I won the second.  The best of 3 was won by Bob and Lanie's team.  Of course, Bob is the professional Kubb player, so we really didn't stand a chance!

Getting pumped for the big game - really?????? 

Here's the pro.......

....and his wife has the right form too!!!!

The future Kubb pro!!!!

Bria did a great job too!

Katelyn did a great job for a 5 year old!!

I think our team had them "shaking in their boots"!

We were serious players......

...but just  needed more practice!

Bria was trying to intimidate us!
Just some fun pictures of the girls -

Sam front tooth is all twisted because it is just hanging on by a
thread.  It just won;t fall out!

These little ladies love to pose for PaPa!

Then it was time for dinner -

Delicious local corn on the cob, all buttered and ready to eat!

 A piece of birthday cake for PaPa!

What is going on??????

The work began of loading all the refrigerator and freezer food into Waldo and because the car was so much cooler, we loaded everything else that needed to go with us in the CRV to load in the morning.  We were in bed by 9:15, tired but excited and happy!

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