Saturday, September 17, 2016

A Day to "Catch Up"

We decided that we would have a relaxing day and try to do some necessary chores.  So, we took time this morning to do some reading and go through some pictures we had taken recently.

Ken spent time on the computer paying bills, checking accounts, etc. while I downloaded photos and got our blog up-to-date.  It takes a lot of time to write the blog and then insert all the pictures, but I really enjoy having a summary of all our days when we travel. I also finally responded to numerous e-mails, messenger, and sent some text messages too.  Felt good to accomplish these things.  Ken unloaded and reorganized things in the car and in the basement of Waldo.

Then we started discussing where we will go from here and the homework began.  Ken looked at the grades on many of the secondary roads here in Colorado and quickly discovered that the climb for Waldo (maybe Ken) was a problem.  So we spent time re-routing our course and the places where we might want to go. We are still going to Colorado Springs for several days and then we thought we would travel to Gunnison Gorge National Park.  We discovered it was too far because of the route we would have to travel in Waldo. So we will head to Alamosa, CO to be close to Sand Dunes National Park.  From there we will go to the Durango area where there should be plenty to see and do and also head to Ouray, which is a place many folks have told us we have to see.  We also want to drive the CRV on the Million Dollar Highway.  Hopefully all of those plans will be possible. 

By then it was time for a quick lunch and then we drove to a Costco and Wal-Mart which were across from each other about 25 minutes from the CG.  Believe it or not, that is the 1st time we bought groceries since we left home 11 days ago - Mother Hubbard's pantry and refrigerator were rather bare!

After finding space for all our purchases (that can be a challenge), Ken left the CG to make a call to a high school friend of ours who lives just south of Denver. We can't make calls from the CG so he had to drive about 10 minutes down the highway.  We plan to spend 1 night at Cherry Creek State Park near John Balmer's home so we can enjoy an evening with John and his wife, Suzanne.  I did find a little time to go outside and sit in a chair by the stream and read my book! Wow, that doesn't happen very often!  I need to work on that!!!!

We grilled and after dinner spent time experimenting on how to get photos off our blog so Ken can post them on Facebook.  Bingo, we were successful!  We watched some TV and took time to relax.

Tomorrow we plan to go to a local Church and then drive to Estes Park to a juried outdoor craft show, tour the downtown, and take a walk around Lake Estes, about a 3 mile walk.  Should be another special day! 

Ken insisted I put this photo on the blog that he took yesterday with his cell phone, so here it is -

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