Saturday, September 10, 2016

Educational Day!

After breakfast, I made a phone call to my mother to sing, "Happy Anniversary to You" because today is their 68th Wedding Anniversary!  What a milestone!  I am so proud of them, for it is definitely an accomplishment that few people reach!  My sister, Cindy, left mom know that she was the 1st one to call (we always have a running joke of who is mom's favorite daughter), but mom told her that she got a card from me.  Cindy said hers will be late.  So when I talked to mom I asked when Cindy called and she said, "about a 1/2 hour ago".  Well, I reminded her that we are in a different time zone and I actually called about 1/2 hour before Cindy.  So, I am the winner in both categories.  I called Cindy to explain that to her.  I'm sure she bought into my theory!  I guess I will "continue" being Mom's favorite!

Yesterday Ken had asked me to try to find a contemporary Church in the area that we could attend today.  After some searching I found Higher Praise, a small church in Salina and only about 2 1/2 miles from the CG.  We arrived at 10:20 for the 10:30 service and quickly realized it was a small church and about 90% Hispanic.  It was a very interesting service and there was no doubt they loved Jesus!  We left during the last song and it was already 12:15.  We enjoyed it, but I think Ken will pick the church we attend next Sunday!

We wanted to go to the museum, library and boyhood home of Dwight D. Eisenhower that was about 22 miles away and closed at 4:45.  We were there from 1 to 4 and really enjoyed the tour of the house where he grew up, the museum with an interesting history of his life including the war, his presidency, and everything in between. 

Here are pictures of the home where he grew up with his 4 brothers (1 died as a baby) 

It was a very modest and small home for 7 people!

It was built in the 1890's on the "wrong side of town".  It was
said that no one from this side of the tracks would grow up
to be anything.  All the boys were college educated!

This is the front parlor where the boys were rarely allowed
to enter!

This was the "family room"!

We couldn't go upstairs, but the bedrooms were very small!

This bedroom was on the 1st floor and was for 2 of the boys!

This was Dwight's mother, Ida!
Here are some photos of the museum -

This is the exterior of the museum!

All the displays were amazing and there were so many!

This electric car was owned by Mamie's family......

.....but it was often driven by Ike!

They were a special couple!

Mamie was known as one of the top 10 best
dressed ladies for numerous years!

Do your remember having a living room that looked like
this complete with a standing ash tray, "pole lamp", and those
unique TV's????

Very interesting!!!

President Eisenhower was the 1st to do TV campaigning although
he was very uncomfortable being in front of the cameras.  They
actually put the  camera men and their cameras behind a black
curtain with just  peep holes so he could be more relaxed!

Bomb shelters were built in many homes!

This is a painting by Grandma Moses of the Eisenhower's home
in Gettysburg, PA!

He has a lot of history in the good state of PA!

We also walked the grounds and through part of the library. 

Interesting that even though he was a
5 Star General the inscription reads,
"Champion of Peace"

They sent a small portion of the tree to be displayed at the
library after the tree died!

There is a chapel that was built for his burial, Mamie's, and their son who died at the age of 4.

This year is the 100th wedding anniversary of Ike and Mamie.  Ken and I appreciated President Eisenhower's  view of war and even though he was a 5 Star General, he hoped that after WWII we would understand that war is not the answer and that we would never see the USA involved again in that type of conflict.  So sad that isn't the case!

Just a few of the accomplishments that President Eisenhower was know for -

We drove on the first 7 miles of Interstate
Highways here in Kansas on Interstate 70!

From there we stopped at the Russell Stover Factory where they have a retail store.  They advertised a delicious hot fudge sundae and it was fantastic.  We were "1/2 good" and decided to share it.  We also splurged and bought a bag of seconds of 4 of their best sellers.

Outside the Retail Store

The apples looked Yummy!

So many specials and variaties to choose from!

It was a very large store!

We drove through downtown Salina and were back to the CG by 5:30.  I recorded expenses and worked on the blog while Ken did some work outside to get ready for tomorrow's departure.  We have enjoyed our stay in Kansas and are looking forward to arriving in Colorado tomorrow, another 300 mile driving day!  Colorado here we come!!!!!

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