Saturday, September 10, 2016

Another Travel Day!W

It rained during the night and then started again around 6.  We were up at 6:30 and the rain decided to stop - hallelujah!  It is so much easier to do the necessary work outside for leaving when you don't have to work in the rain. There were lots of "puddles" on our site so Ken put on his "rubbers" (really, Ken, that is embarrassing) to do the prep work and by 7:45 the CRV was hitched and we were on our way to Salina, Kansas.

It was a rather easy drive on Interstate 70 and the traffic was relatively light, even around Kansas City, Missouri and Wichita, Kansas.  I didn't realize that the Kansas City Chiefs and the Kansas City Royals do not play in Kansas (OK, don't get excited, I just didn't know and Kansas City, Missouri is almost in Kansas!)  I did enjoy going by their baseball and football stadiums.

This is the baseball stadium, but we could also see the football
stadium behind it!

Seeing the skyline of  Kansas City, Missouri!

Looks pretty nice!

The Star newspaper office!

When we got into Kansas

we thought the yellow flowers along the highway were beautiful and they were everywhere.  That was the good part! 

This farm or ranch looked beautiful too -

We drove around Wichita, Kansas and got a photo of the capital building and 2 steeples that were being repaired on a local church!

Now the bad thing -  the bugs that landed on our windshield and on the front of Waldo. I guess that big windshield is a landing "runway" for them!  They almost covered the windshield. 

If you enlarge these 2 photos you might get an idea of
how many bugs decided to land on the windshield.  It was crazy!!

We stopped to get gas within a 1/2 mile of the CG and we were able to clean the windshield while we were there.  It was a mess.  Unfortunately the photos I took didn't show all the bugs.  You would have been amazed!

We arrived at the Salina KOA around 2:45 and it is a nice CG with level pull through sites.  Ken spent time washing the front of Waldo - get rid of those bugs, and I went on-line to look for a contemporary Church for tomorrow and a trail nearby to take a walk today.  I was success on both things!

We drove about 2 miles to the Salina Levee Trail and walked about 7,000 steps.  A nice level trail, but not very scenic.  At least we got some exercise after driving 303 miles today.

A nice level trail...

....but not a whole lot to see!

Hey, what do you expect - it is Kansas!

Grain storage Silos!

When we returned, Ken and I did some reading and then he grilled pork and chicken.  After doing dishes, I downloaded photos and worked on our blog.

I did leave a text message for Jamie after the Pitt vs. Penn State game.  She and Dane have season tickets for Pitt so they went to Pittsburgh yesterday and attended the game today with about 20 of their friends.  They even reserved a spot for tailgating.  What an exciting game to see with a final score of Pitt 42 and Penn State 39.  I know they were very happy with the win for Pitt!

Ken and I watched some TV and were in bed by 10.  Tomorrow after Church we will drive to Abilene to tour the home where President Eisenhower was raised and his Presidential Library.  It is also the 100th Anniversary of Ike and Mamie's Marriage.  Should be a fun and informative day!

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  1. I so enjoy reading about your travels. You find the greatest places to visit! Just a little update ... the capitol of Kansas is in Topeka. Wichita is further south and not along the I-70 route.