Thursday, December 14, 2017

Thursday - Drive to PA!

Ken and I got up at 2 AM and were on our way to PA in our CRV at 2:45.  Needless to say, it was very, very dark!  Normally I do not "nap" while we are driving, but because of the darkness and not having much sleep, I had trouble staying awake.  I nodded off a few times.  Ken had mentioned yesterday that he would like to drive the whole way home today, but I wasn't so sure.

Around 7:00, we stopped at a Denny's to share a Grand Slam for breakfast and for Ken to have some coffee!  We were only there about 25 minutes and then it was "back on the road".  By then I was awake and no more napping was necessary!  It was a perfect day for driving and all went well, so we decided we should go the whole way to Lititz.  The only problem was the time we got close to DC - 6:30.  Not a good time to be in that area.  There were 4 accidents on 495 east and west, so Goggle recommended we take 395.  Let me tell you, we got to see the Washington Monument and the Jefferson Memorial up close and personal!  There was lots of traffic, but we always kept moving.  Actually seeing all the lights in DC was very beautiful.  We arrived home at 9:45 after traveling 1,120 miles in 19 hours.  We had stopped for breakfast, lunch and a total of 4 gas stops.  Gas was "cheap" in every state but PA, with it being $2.07/gallon in several of the states.

The apartment was 53 degrees when we unloaded so we decided to watch TV till 11:30 to give the sheets time to "warm up".  It was only 23 outside, so we were freezing!  So much for the warm and swaying palm trees in Florida! We both know why we are snowbirds!

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