Saturday, December 30, 2017

Saturday - Another Fun, Relaxing Day!

Neither of us arose too early after a later night.  We had omelettes and fresh fruit for breakfast after a leisure morning.  

We packed a few snacks and drinks and were on Manasota Beach by noon.  It was in the upper 60's and a bit breezy, so sweatshirts were the order of the day.  Ken took a long walk and found a few treasures.  I found about 20 shark's teeth on my shorter walk.  I did enjoy time playing games and reading on my tablet.

Nice view don't you think?

The water looked beautiful and yes, there were people on
the beach, it just doesn't look that way!!!

We left the beach at 3:30 and when we returned we realized we could not get the Penn State Game since it was on ESPN.  After some research we discovered we could do a trial streaming so we could watch the game and what an exciting game it was.  At halftime we did take a break and walk around the CG.

We made salads for dinner and I prepped potatoes for the grill.  Ken grilled a steak for me (it was delicious) and salmon for himself.  After cleaning up, we played 3 rounds of Hand and Foot and I have a decisive lead.

We were in bed by 9:30 so we could do some reading.  Tomorrow should be a nice day in the low 70's, but then we are looking at about 5 days in the 50's and 60's with much cooler temperatures at night.  I am grateful, for the weather back in PA is brutal!  

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