Monday, December 18, 2017

Monday - A Great Day for Getting Things Checked Off our To Do Lists!

Ken was up before me to do some reading and devotions.  I made us a cooked breakfast and Ken cut up fresh fruit.  After eating and cleaning up, Ken went to our office to work at his desk.  

I spent the morning in the kitchen making special treats to give as Christmas gifts to the other folks in our apartment building and for my Curvette ladies.    It was a lot of fun and I was a good girl and controlled my eating of the sweets!  Ken popped in and helped for a short time!  He kept busy making calls, checking our accounts, etc.

Ken ate lunch and left at 12:30 for an appointment with Dane, our son-in-law and financial advisor.  Then he did some additional errands including getting me some raisins and peanuts to make chocolate clusters!  He only got back home at 4:15.  I had spent that time cleaning up the kitchen and then on the computer removing some photos and starting the scrapbook pages for our granddaughters!  

I made us salads for dinner and then Ken and I worked together to figure out ways to free up some space on our computer.  We removed lots of e-mails and changed how we save photos!  Hopefully it will work more efficiently!  Time will tell!

I spent the evening watching The Voice (amazing voices!) while I caught up on my blog.  Somehow I had gotten way behind!

We were in bed by 10!

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