Sunday, December 24, 2017

Sunday - Christmas Eve Day and Evening!

We were up by 7 and had a relaxing time before loading the car and heading to Jamie's around 9:30!  It was cloudy and damp and in the low 30's.  

Lanie's family was already there when we arrived!  At 10:30 Jamie served us a delicious quiche she had made and fruit and muffins that Lanie brought! 

Time for breakfast!!  Lanie and Jamie are ready for a party!

Our daughter, Lanie, and her daughter, Samantha!  Can you
tell that Samantha was not feeling great!

Happy Cousins!

Patiently waiting to open gifts!

What is my mom doing?  I don't know her!!!

Not sure Bob is really into this "holiday thing"!

After a quick clean-up, we decided to exchange Christmas gifts.  With Lanie and Jamie's help and suggestions, PaPa and Grandma were a hit with their gifts for the little ones!  We bought each of them Laser Tag equipment and those pillows that are popular this year that are covered with sequins and you can make a design in them.  Like I said, these gifts were a HIT!  We also gave each of them a gift card to Michael's Crafts and to Apple so they could download a few games.

The girls loved their sequin pillows!

Drawing a design in them!

Laser Tag was a hit too!

Jamie and Dane gave us a framed map of the US that has our logo "Celebrating Life Daily" on it.  It lists all the National Parks in their proper location, some trails, etc. and comes with colored pins so you can "stick" all the places you have visited.  What a special gift. 

Love it!

Lanie and Bob gave us outdoor hanging lights with a remote that allows you to change their color - red, blue, white, or green.  We are going to be "fancy" in Florida.  Bria and Cali gave us special PaPa and Grandma mugs!

PaPa got into the holiday spirit by borrowing Jamie's hat!
Love our special mugs!

Jamie, Dane, and the girls gave Samantha and Katelyn long boards for Christmas.  What a great gift.  

The long boards were a wonderful surprise!

Jamie and Lanie got cast iron skillets from Ken and I and there were some tasty treats for Bob and Dane!

Jamie is always in a festive mood!

I think Bob got a burst of energy - maybe it was the peanuts
and Wilbur Buds!!!

After we finished opening gifts, the little ones went outside to play laser tag and ride on their long boards -

Samantha did well quickly!

Katelyn is hiding during Laser Tag!

There is more than 1 way to ride
a long board.  Maybe you can give
rides too!

Here comes Bria!

Look out!  Here they come!

Katelyn is taking hers for a walk!

The men went outside to do our Christmas tradition - a deep fried turkey!  It was a cold day to spend that much time outdoors, but they did a good job and the turkey was delicious. 

The turkey fryers!

Okay, it was as good as it looks!

I think Bob ate one leg, a wing, and a lot of the skin while Ken was carving it!  We also had the potato stuffing we had made on Friday, roasted sweet potatoes, green beans, and brussel sprouts.  Yum!  Bria made a pecan pie for dessert -

Bria and her delicious Pecan Pie!

Neither Dane nor Bob are big game players, so Ken and I spent several hours playing Haus with Lanie and Jamie, something we used to do when they were growing up.  It was so much fun and the parents won "big time"!  

Our family Haus game!

Before everyone left, we got out the Christmas "props" and took family pictures in front of the wrapping paper placed as a background on the wall and Jamie had completed the set with balloons that spelled Be Merry!  Even Samson had his picture taken in his Christmas PJ's.

Lanie, Katelyn, Samantha, and Bob!

Bria, Dane, Jamie and Cali!

PaPa, Grandma and our special granddaughters!

It is a party!!!

Samson and his "mommy"!

Matching PJ's.  Actually the whole family has them, even
We were home by 9:15 after a phenomenal day with our girls and their family.  We are so blessed and so appreciative of Jamie's hospitality!

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